Adults need milk too

Published November 30, 2021, 2:30 PM

by Jules Vivas

Fitness instructor Marilen Concepcion and long jump athlete Marestella Sunang specify how milk is vital to adult health

Since the dawn of time, milk has been an essential part of man’s diet. Recognized as complete food, the drink is an excellent source of calcium for bone development and vitamin D, a chemical synthesized by the skin from sunlight, as well as calories and proteins, integral to growth. Past infancy, humans are the only mammal that continues to consume milk. This is because, as far as science can tell, man is the only species capable of digesting milk sugars beyond infancy due to evolutionary adaptation.

“One common misconception by Filipinos is that milk is exclusive to children,” says seasoned nutritionist Jo Ann Marie Verdadero-Salamat. We tend to forget that milk is important food that aids both young and old to acquire enough nourishment for the day.

In the middle of a pandemic, staying healthy has become more crucial. Prolonged stay at home has led us to develop a sedentary lifestyle, meaning that more people live with little to no physical activity.

One online survey found that 67 percent of respondents feel less active nowadays. On the other hand, 53 percent of the respondents shared that they only got 10-20 minutes of exercise per week. As the participants have experienced, lack of movement has big implications on wellbeing. The World Health Organization (WHO) clarifies that regular physical activity helps prevent non-communicable diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and several cancers.

WINNERS DRINK MILK Long jump athlete Marestella Sunang

“Habang tumatanda humihina ang katawan (as we grow older, our bodies get weaker), we lose 20 percent of bone density,” adds Jo Ann.

And this is where Anlene Gold 5x comes in, a new variant of the milk brand recently launched in the Philippines in November. It is scientifically formulated with MFGM Active, B vitamins, calcium, protein, and collagen to help improve balance, muscle mass, and build endurance. In a different research conducted in Australia in 2018 involving 244 women aged 45 to 65, it was revealed that milk drink formulation improved bone mineral content and balance by up to three times, and flexibility by two.

Past infancy, humans are the only mammal that continues to consume milk. This is because, as far as science can tell, man is the only species capable of digesting milk sugars beyond infancy due to evolutionary adaptation.

MFGM stands for Milk Fat Globule Membrane, which is popular in infant nutrition. “Recent studies have proven that MFGM is beneficial for adults as well,” explains the dietician. “We need MFGM to keep our bones or muscles strong, and our joints really lubricated and supportive when it comes to movement,” Anlene claims that the Gold 5x is the only adult milk to contain MFGM active.

“This new addition to the Anlene family is especially designed for adults who are starting to feel the signs of aging,” says Roberta “Berta” Sadiua Mundo, marketing manager at Fonterra Philippines. She goes on to elaborate on the purpose of the new product, which is to enable movement at any age by keeping the bones, muscles, and joints strong. Two glasses of the new milk variant per day fulfill an adult’s calcium. It is similar to the regular Anlene milk, which contains bone strengthening nutrients, vitamins B, A, magnesium, and zinc, but the Gold 5x gives higher protein for muscle mass.

PAIR IT WITH EXERCISE Fitness instructor Marilen Concepcion

Of course, drinking milk should be coupled with a 20 to 30 minute daily exercise. To achieve optimum wellbeing, moving or exercise, as well as feeding your body properly, is key.

Marestella Sunang, one of the oldest members of the Philippine national team, attests to how the milk brand helped her become the successful athlete she is today. Marestella is a three-time Olympian, the Philippine record-holder for long jump at 6.72, and South East Asian (SEA) Games record-holder at 6.71 meters. She has been with the national team for almost 23 years.

“When I first got to Manila in 1998 for my chosen career in long jump, I had been drinking Anlene. Naging kasama ko ’to sa pag-tatraining ko araw-araw (the milk brand has been part of my everyday training),” says the four-time gold medalist of the SEA Games. “I would really bring the particular brand abroad whenever I have competitions, for instance, at the Olympics, in London, and in Rio.”

“Considering that I am now in my 40s, if I needed it [milk] back then, what more now?” Marestella laughs. “Everyday training is very hard. This new milk helps with my flexibility and with my joints so that I don’t get injured. Mas mabilis ‘yung recovery ng tuhod (my knees recover faster). And during training, it gives me energy.”

“When we age, we naturally accept that we are prone to osteoporosis or osteopenia,” says Marilen Concepcion, a fitness instructor from movement studio. The 60-year-old certified Stott Pilates and Redcord Suspension instructor adjusts to aging by giving herself proper nutrition while doing what she does best—workout. “It doesn’t matter what your age is. You can exercise any time. Just start,” says Marilen.

The 5x in the name stands for the benefits of the milk namely for bones, joints, muscles, energy, and flexibility. “If you need a product that specializes in bone, joint, and muscle nutrition, Anlene Gold 5x is for you,” says Berta.