Team GabLil's 'Stories From The Heart: Love On Air' to premiere on Nov. 29 on GMA

Published November 28, 2021, 12:29 PM

by Annalyn S. Jusay

Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos (Facebook)

It’s not everyday that an outgoing girl, who does Facebook live selling, falls in love with an old-fashioned radio DJ who gives love advice. They seem worlds apart, but they find a way to each other’s heart. This is the central theme behind ”Stories from the Heart: Love On Air'” which premieres at 3:25 pm on GMA Afternoon Prime on Nov. 29.

The miniseries features real-life couple Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia who are fondly called by their fans and followers as loveteam GabLil.

In the kilig-serye, Khalil plays the role of Joseph Garcia or the young DJ Jojo who finds it hard to recover from a recent heartbreak. Then his world is turned upside down when the quirky Wanda Dimaano (played by Gabbi) enters the scene, and they even get to work together on the same DJ’s booth.

Khalil said he and Gabbi had so much fun recreating and discovering the characters they had to play.

“The role of Wanda is opposite from who I am in reality. It was a big adjustment acting on behalf of this quirky, opinionated woman who is a warrior and has gone through so much in life. But I really enjoyed playing Wanda,”Gabbi enthused.

“Stories From The Heart: Love on Air” is running for three weeks and is the first long collaboration of GabLil as they only starred in one episode of ‘Regal Studio Presents..’before entitled Óne Million Comments, Magjo-jowa Na Ako.” The next time we see team GabLil is in the first quarter of 2022 when their mystery-romance series ‘Love You Stranger’ will be airing.

Khalil said every opportunity to work with his girlfriend enhances their relationship and takes it to another level. “Going six years na kami ni Gabbi and sobrang happy ako because how we relate to each other is always evolving. There’s no one else I imagine being with, we fit each other like a glove. She’s my favorite person.”

Gabbi replied that she is “sincerely happy (with Khalil) and I couldn’t ask for more. Right now, there’s no pressure on us getting married. When it comes, it comes. For sure, if we feel it, we won’t deny each other the chance.”

Khali and Gabbi are 25 and 22 years old, respectively, but both of them admitted they are ‘dating to marry”. The other members of the cast like Jason Francisco and Sunshine Cruz did not waste time to advise the lovebirds to focus on other priorities like getting into school or saving up.

Khalil revealed that the secret of his long relationship with Gabbi is keeping the communication lines open. “We are best friends first, and we also have the same hobbies. We have a few passion projects that we work on together like our digital series and our podcast. We love letting our creative juices flow.”

Aside from Jason and Sunshine, lending support to GabLil in “Stories from the Heart: Love On Air” are the rest of the cast which includes Kate Valdez, Yasser Marta, Kiray Celis, and Anjo Damiles.