Lacson slams Mago's claim of intimidation: 'She was pressured to tell truth'

Published November 27, 2021, 9:21 AM

by Mario Casayuran

Senator Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson disproved Friday night, Nov. 26 the claim of Krizle Mago that she was “intimidated” into implicating Pharmally officials in instructing a warehouseman to tamper with “expired” labels on face shields.

“Na-pressure siyang magsabi ng totoo. Hindi siya na-pressure mag-lie if at all totoong na-pressure siya. She was very calm and sabi ninyo kanina, unaided lahat (If she was pressured at all, she was pressured to tell the truth and not to lie. She was very calm and her testimony was unaided),” Lacson said after questioning Mago at the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on irregularities in the procurement of medical supplies to deal with the pandemic.

He was referring to Mago’s claim when she went to the House of Representatives that she was “intimidated” during hearings at the Senate.

Mago told the Senate committee chaired by Senator Richard J. Gordon that she wrote House Speaker Lord Alan Velasco to give a proper statement because the Lower House was undertaking a parallel investigation.

Lacson pointed out he even gave Mago enough time to respond without pressure.

”I did not even mention the name of Mohit Dargani. In fact I had no idea who gave her instructions to replace the stickers,” Lacson noted.

At Friday’s hearing, Lacson had a video clip played showing Mago testifying before Lacson that she acted on instructions of higher management to instruct a warehouseman to tamper with “expired” labels on face shields.

He said the video clip of her previous testimony before the Senate committee clearly showed that he talked softly and did not at all gave intimidating tones.

Gordon agreed with Lacson that there was no pressure on Mago.

During the September 24 hearing, Mago said she particularly acted on the instructions of Mohit Dargani. Dargani and his sister Twinkle were arrested while trying to take a flight abroad earlier this month.

Mohit is the treasurer and executive secretary of Pharmacy while Twinkle, reportedly having mental problems, is the Pharmacy president.

Last night, Twinkle told the committee that she is no longer the company president but is now a simple director.

Gordon asked aloud why Mohit gifted Twinkle with a high-performance Lamborghini car although Twinkle has mental problems,

When asked by Gordon whether the committee should bring her to the National Mental hospital for her mental problems, Twinkle said her psychiatrist would be going the Senate Office of Sergeant at Arms (OSAA) where she and her brother Mohit are confined.

` The Dargani siblings are under arrest warrants issued by Gordon.

“You could have mentioned Linconn Ong (Pharmacy Director) because he is part of the Pharmally management. You could also have mentioned Twinkle Dargani, and all other people and management of Pharmally. But you specifically mentioned Mohit Dargani,” Lacson told Mago.

On the other hand, Gordon told Mago that she perjured herself. ‘’I am looking at you as a lost soul,’’ he addd.

Senate minority leader Franklin Drilon pointed out that she volunteered Dargani’s name.

After Mago said that she wed to the Lower House for her protection, Drilon, a former Justice secretary, said she could have gone to the Department of Justice or the Executive branch for her protection.

‘’But the House of Representatives?’’ Drilon asked.

Mago left the House of Representatives’s custody where she stayed for one month and a half because she wanted to see her family in her province.