Grab Philippines champions its driver- and delivery-partners this Buwan ng Tagapaghatid

Published November 27, 2021, 12:30 PM

by MB Lifestyle

During the pandemic, we’ve seen unexpected heroes rise to the challenge of keeping life and businesses going despite all the challenges and hardships. Among them are driver- and deliver-partners who continuously venture out in the streets so many of us can stay and work safely within the comforts of our homes.

Grab Philippines has dedicated the month of November as Buwan ng Tagapaghatid—celebrating the invaluable contributions of Grab drivers – and delivery-partners through month-long activities culminating on 28 November, Sunday.

Grab driver- and delivery-partners (standing left to right) Carlos Diaz Cecista Jr., Sheril Canada Lazaro,
Carlo Neil Mamaril, Cherrie Mondragon Concepcion, Marvin Wenceslao Ignacio (sitting L-R) Michael
Nierva Olaso, Jonnele Magadia Duran, Marlon Lapina Fuentes, Jeric Martin Baccay, and Albert Gayoso

Grab Philippines has become more than just a source of livelihood opportunities for its partners. Over the years, Grab Philippines has deepened its relationship with every driver- and delivery-partner, by helping them become the best at what they do while enhancing their competitiveness in a digital-first economy.

To ensure that their every journey leads to success, Grab Philippines brings its partners closer to their goals and dreams through its 5-Star support programs which aim to support their everyday needs while creating pathways for them to grow and succeed. As an appreciation for providing quality service through successful rides and deliveries together and their 5-Star ratings from satisfied consumers, Grab gives thanks to these modern-day heroes through programs that help in keeping all partners protected and benefits that help enrich their lives.

5-Star support extends from helping partners throughout the pandemic to presenting numerous learning and livelihood opportunities like that of the Lingkod Ka-Grab which hosts webinars to introduce different work and business skills to partners, Grab’sVacc to Normal Campaign promoting health and welfare, and  Ka-Grab Perks which offers a variety of exclusive perks and discounts for partners to enjoy. These combined efforts are what allow driver- and delivery- partners to thrive within and beyond the platform. 

Buwan ng Tagapaghatid is part of Grab Philippines’ broader range of programs and initiatives dedicated to its driver and delivery-partners. It highlights, recognizes, and celebrates, the different stories of modern-day heroism of Grab driver- and delivery-partners, while emphasizing their role in society and the economy.

Grab’s 5-star programs that help its driver- and delivery-partners in their journey through life

Carlo Mamaril, a Grab driver-partner who has attended one of Grab’s many training programs, says these programs have been helping him develop not only his knowledge and skills needed for work, but also achieve some of his life goals. One of which is the Grab Philippines’ Road Safety Marshals training program, a partnership between Grab and the Philippine National Police (PNP) where participants become part of a volunteer task force helping promote road safety and discipline. Through this program, he had become an ally in monitoring lawless elements, road accidents, and traffic. “Doon po natutoako ng disiplinasamga road etiquette, pagsunod ng safety protocols sakalsada, tsakamgaparaan ng pag-iwassaaksidente,” says Mamaril.

Meanwhile, working student Albert Gagaboan has found a way to achieve his dream of becoming a school teacher by working part-time as a Grab delivery-partner. “Parang napadali po yungpag-aaral ko dahilsa Grab. Online rin po kasi ang klase ko kaya pwede ko po talagaipag-sabay. Nagagawa ko rin po namasustentuhan ang pamilya ko, makapagbayadsamga bills sabahay, sakuryente, at pang-arawarawnapagkainnaminlalonasa baby ko para sagatas at diaper niya. Nakakapag-provide po akotalaga at minsan po meron pang naitatabi,” says Gagaboan.

Aside from its remunerative payout system, flexible working hours, and special programs, Grab has also been supportive of its driver- and delivery-partners in terms of addressing health emergencies, like COVID-19. Carlos Diaz Cecista, Jr., a delivery partner who tested positive for COVID along with his 8-month-old baby in September, received financial assistance from Grab to augment his lost earnings for being quarantined for 25 days. ”Sobrang laking tulong po nung financial assistance ni Grab sa amin, kaya sobrang nagpapasalamat talaga ko. Marami rin po kasi kaming bayarin kaya pagkatapos ko po gumaling, naghabol po talaga ko para mabawi yung mga araw na hindi ako nakabiyahe,” he says.

5-star treatment and rewards all November for Buwanng Tagapaghatid!

Truly, Grab never fails to show its appreciation for its driver-and delivery-partners, so much so that they dedicated a whole month to celebrating their hard work! November is Buwan ng Tagapaghatid, and to kickstart this month-long celebration, Grab has launched KwentongTagapaghatid, BiyaheSerye Comics, and 5-Star Support Film—a collection of stories told in different creative platforms, about the top-notch service provided by Grab driver- and delivery- partners throughout the years as told by different merchants and consumers.

Grab also launched the 5-star Tugtugan online concert and Papugay Awards to recognize top-performing partners and reward them with laptops, televisions, and motorcycles, among others. Not only that, driver and delivery partners were also met with a shower of appreciation through thank you cards from Merchant partners, and different offerings and giveaways for the whole month c/o Grab. In fact, those awarded 5-Star Tagapaghatid drivers and delivery-partners were given 5-star promo codes to avail free meals on GrabFood, and 5-Star Ka-Grab perks for exclusive discounts all-month long for all driver and delivery partners to enjoy. They were also given freebies at the 5-Star Ka-Grab Pit Stops located in the Grab offices. Grab also added an additional P10 in tipping values for all rides and deliveries for the month, so you can show your appreciation, too!

The celebration doesn’t stop there! Grab also sought help from renowned photographer, Shaira Luna, to treat selected driver-and delivery-partners to a Celebrity Photoshoot where they are portrayed like the modern-day heroes that they are—complete with an LED billboard along major thoroughfares in the Metro for the ultimate celebrity experience!

Grab driver and delivery partners capture the heart of renowned photographer Shaira Luna

Shaira Luna couldn’t help but admire the enthusiasm and professionalism Grab driver-and delivery-partners showed throughout the shoot! “I kind of expected some of them to be shy or nervous being on set. I was wrong!  A few driver- and delivery-partners arrived even before the call time, while the rest were punctual and in high spirit,” Shaira said. She took the time to get to know each of them and was able to capture their personalities through photographs. When asked about the most interesting partner story, she thought Marvin, a lugaw delivery-partner, and his assertive attitude was utterly inspiring. She also shared her admiration for Cherrie and Jeric’s love story, which basically turned the shoot into their own romantic comedy film. Shaira knew just by reading their backgrounds that this project would be one for the books! Seeing and hearing how proud they were to be part of the event was hands-down her most favorite memory. “I know I’m not alone in saying that the appreciation for Grab driver-and delivery-partners runs deep. They are essential in every part of the word, and have positively changed the way things are done. So I felt very fortunate that we were able to put faces to the names,” she expressed.  Just like Grab, Shaira also felt more grateful to the driver-and delivery-partners for their service and hard work during these challenging times, and even years before that. Although Buwan ng Tagapaghatid is only a month long, we can always show our appreciation to the driver-and delivery-partners every day in our own simple ways.

Grab team with Shaira Luna

“The success of Grab Philippines over the past several years would not be possible without the trust, support, and hard work of our driver- and delivery-partners. Our endless appreciation for all their efforts can never be quantified, but through our month-long tribute to them, and these simple rewards, we want to show them how grateful we are for their 5-star service, dedication, and acts of heroism, especially in this time of the pandemic,” says Grace Vera Cruz, country head for Grab Philippines.

Indeed, the remarkable work and sacrifice of Grab’s partners are tantamount to heroism as they have allowed conveniences to be possible for their consumers during a difficult time, help keep the economy alive, and build a brighter future for themselves and their families. Kudos to all Grab driver and delivery partners!