Trillanes defends Robredo's Tiktok gimmick

Published November 26, 2021, 10:37 AM

by Ellson Quismorio

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has come to the defense of presidential aspirant, Vice President Leni Robredo over her viral Tiktok video wherein she is seen doing imaginary energy blast attacks on perceived enemies of the country in the upcoming May 2022 polls.

A screenshot of Robredo’s viral Tiktok video

While some netizens have poked fun at Robredo for the campiness of the content, Trillanes opined that the 56-year-old opposition leader actually hit a “bulleye” with it.

“Campaign politics is a hit or miss thing. Some political gimmicks hit the mark, others don’t. Re VP’s latest tiktok video, it was bullseye!” wrote former Navy officer in a Facebook post Thursday afternoon, Nov. 25.

“It penetrated the Gen Z crowd; broke the algorithm; created conversations; and provided an opening for future discourses,” Trillanes noted.

In the “trending” Tiktok video, the Vice President gestures with her hands to seemingly attack the phrases “magnanakaw (thief)”, “sinungaling (liar)”, and “taksil sa bayan (traitor to the country)”. It has since made rounds on other social media platforms.

Depending on one’s pop culture preferences, Robredo performed either a “kamehameha” from the popular anime Dragon Ball or a “hadouken” from the Street Fighter video game series.

She kept a straight face throughout the video, punctuating it with the most serious hair flip that you will ever see the lady official do.

The video ended with the phrase, “Kalma lang pero matapang! (Calm but courageous!)”

Trillanes is running for a Senate seat under Robredo’s ticket.