The Wallblossoms' ‘Lunod' is all about warm feels

Published November 25, 2021, 6:46 PM

by Punch Liwanag

Tuneful, dreamy and smitten pop is the order of the day for this local quartet.

OC Records’ rising four-piece band The Wallblossoms, a.k.a. The Fabulous Flower Boys just released their latest single titled “Lunod.” The band includes Bri Constantino on vocals, Rafael Lanozo on guitar, Janssen Lopez on bass and Rafael Lanozo on drums.

According to lead vocalist Bri Constantino, the song “Lunod” was written about how it feels “to be swamped in the comforting warmth of love.” Constantino added that his inspiration for the song is his girlfriend, saying that the song is “a love tune that revolves around finding comfort and solace around the arms of the person you consider your home.”

Said girl is lucky to have a doting boyfriend write love songs about her and their relationship. But, listeners of The Wallblossoms can also enjoy the dreamy and airy feels that “Lunod” brings. Constantino croons, as if lovestruck, the repeating and hypnotic chorus that goes, ”Nalunod na sa ligaya sa ligaya na dulot ng pag-ibig mo…”

The Wallblossoms have been releasing singles with music label OC Records since 2020. The Wallblossoms sounds like a band that’s been plucked from the 60’s, or the retro sound bands of the early aughts. And through singles such as “Lizzie,” the fuzzy “Miss Na Miss” and even last year’s Yule ditty “This Christmas,”

The Wallblossoms channel the kind of cheery, tuneful pop that a portion of Gen Z listeners seem to have latched on to. Listen to The Wallblossoms on Spotify and the automated curation would bring you over to the likes of Rob Deniel, Zild, Calein, One-Click Straight, Cup Of Joe and other like-sounding bands.

Of their new single with OC Records, the band collectively agrees that “It’s always exciting when we release new music, and as cliché as it sounds, it still feels like the first time.”