St. Luke’s hospital responds to queries regarding its drug tests


The St. Luke's Medical Center responded on Thursday, Nov. 25, to the queries it received regarding the drug tests being conducted in their institution.

The hospital posted a statement on its official Facebook page after it received “public and media queries on results of drug tests” conducted in its facilities.

“The format of the printed test result is standard and common among all healthcare facilities authorized by the Department of Health (DOH) to conduct dangerous drug tests,” it said.

“Regarding the mention of Bgy. Ususan as our location, this is because that is the only available location in DOH Integrated Drug Test Operation Management Information System when St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City was accredited in 2010,” it added.

St. Luke’s hospital urged the public to avoid spreading misinformation, particularly on social media platforms.

“We strongly encourage the public to refrain from posting misleading and inaccurate information on social media,” it said.

“St. Luke’s calls on everyone to verify the information they receive from others and the information they plan to post online,” it added.

The hospital issued the statement as some individuals questioned the drug test result of presidential aspirant and former senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos.

On Nov. 23, the Marcos' camp said that the former senator took a cocaine test and the result yielded negative. His camp submitted the result to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Philippine National Police, and the National Bureau of Investigation.

The camp of Marcos said that the test was done at St. Luke's Medical Center Global City. Marcos took the test after President Duterte claimed that a presidential hopeful is a cocaine-user.