Champorado becomes one frozen dessert through this food collaboration

Published November 25, 2021, 9:58 PM

by John Legaspi

Poison Doughnuts and Merry Moo present must-try scoops of the season

How do you like your champorado? Do you prefer yours to be warm and comforting or somewhat cold like a nice rice pudding? If you are leaning on the latter one, then you’d definitely love this champorado creation.

After putting an adobo spin on its doughnuts, Poison Doughnuts partners with Merry Moo in crafting a cool dessert that has everything we love about the chocolatey hot rice porridge, and more. This month, the two launch the Frozen Guilty Pleasures line and it has some pretty unique flavors.

First off is the Champorado featuring chunks of chocolate-coated doughnuts with toasted pinipig, and a dash of tuyo flakes, because Filipinos love their champorado with tuyo. Next is the Mangga’t Suman, a spotlight on Filipino flavors with latik-coated doughnut bits and toasted pinipig mixed with a mango ice cream base. Coffee lovers would go loco for its Cold Brew, a custom-crafted cold brew steeped in fresh local dairy, promising a robust but smooth coffee ice cream. Last, the Garam Masala, brings a taste of Indian spice with a custom garam masala sugar-infused ice cream concoction.

A solo order of each flavor costs P450 and can be purchased on Grabfood, Foodpanda, Pickaroo, and The Grid.