Sisters Heart Evangelista, Camille Ongpauco launch beauty and wellness line

Published November 23, 2021, 10:28 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

“This is my way of showing them what I love and helping them to an extent.”

When Heart Evangelista posted in her Instagram stories about something she’s cooking up, we knew we had to get more details before the official launch on November 24.

“Because being a better version of yourself shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. I also wanted everyone to have a chance to be their own boss,” she posted. “My very own beauty company, Living Luxelle, is meant for everyone. We made sure all our products are top of the line! And because you asked for it, I made sure feeling good and looking good are attainable and affordable.”

Heart Evangelista gave a teaser on what her newest baby Pure Living is about.

So here’s what we know so far. Heart Evangelista and her sister Camille Ongpauco are behind Pure Living with both valuing the importance of self-care. “I have always been self-aware. What I do can sometimes be taxing and tiring so self-care and wellness is something that’s really important. I’ve also realized especially now that as you get older, there are so many effects on your well-being. So, I really thought that to come up with a business that would answer all the basic needs effortlessly and also in a way, promote self-care especially during the pandemic is the best way to go. After all, I am no longer getting any younger and as an actress, this is the smartest way to invest,” says Heart.

Camille is also used to running businesses, but unbeknown to many, she is also into beauty and wellness. On this new endeavor she says, “From food, I’m venturing into this because I believe in my sister’s vision for the Filipinos. We both believe that it is high time to change the mindset that girls are the only ones that should take care of themselves. In fact, the pressure on men is actually the same so it’s basically helping them make the decisions when it comes to choosing the best products for them. I share the same sentiments as her that beauty and wellness is for everyone.”

Heart Evangelista and Camille Ongpauco are behind this new beauty and wellness line.

There are many aspects of self-care and that’s what Pure Living is offering. It has three brands—Luxelle, Ultima, and Vitasense. Luxelle is the brand’s premium skincare line that includes categories such as 24k Gold (anti-aging, luminous, moisturizing), Clear (Acne clearing, oil control, deep cleansing), Glow (brightening), and Soothe (soothing, calming, protecting). It even has skincare tools like the RF Beauty Wand, Dualuxe Facial Cleanser, and Nano Ionic Face Steamer.

Ultima products focus on overall wellbeing such as the Dual Nozzle Aroma Diffuser and a variety of scented oils for you to choose from. There are single scents and there are aroma blends that fit every mood and occasion. For the holidays, try these limited-edition scents Pine Needles, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.

And, finally, Vitasense. This brand makes sure you live clean and fresh all day, every day. Take your pick from their Neo line of shower heads and aroma-infused cartridges, even Prima line filter kits for the kitchen sink and bath, to make sure you and your house is spick and span.

Now the next question is, how to avail of these products? Heart and Camille want to empower Filipinos, especially in light of what we’ve all been going through due to the pandemic. They’re offering opportunities for everyone to put up their own business with the help of Pure Living with it’s direct-selling platform.

“I’m really for self-care, feeling good about yourself, and being healthy. And I think it was quite natural, the beauty line and working with my sister, all of that because of the nature of my work and being exposed to a lot of people. You get to understand their concerns and, often being asked about what I do, this is my way of showing them what I love and helping them to an extent,” ends Heart.

To know more about Pure Living, visit this link.