Beatle Ringo Starr to teach fans drums online

Published November 23, 2021, 6:51 PM

by Punch Liwanag

Sir Ringo Starr, the legendary drummer of the Fab Four is to teach “drumming and creative collaboration” to fans.

He recently posted on his Instagram that he has his own MasterClass, the latest rock legend to be featured in the popular subscription-based online learning platform.

The course consists of almost two hours of content divided into 10 lessons.

For Beatles fans, an obvious treat will be the stories that Ringo shares within his MasterClass. On the teaser video Ringo posted on his Instagram, he shared how he first got introduced to drums and other percussive instruments, which was through the oft-told story of Ringo spending a year at a sanitarium as he recovered from tuberculosis.

“There’s a tempo to life, there’s a tempo to every song…you can lift the band and the band can lift you,” Ringo said in the short promo snippet from MasterClass. And as for how it’s like to be part of the biggest rock and roll band ever, Ringo said that “with The Beatles, it was like being psychic. We knew what to do, and we loved doing it to each other.”

For drummers, the teaser alone already has some nuggets of wisdom in it as far as creativity goes. “I love drumming, the way I play is sort of a purposeful way.” Ringo shared, adding “when you get to the chorus get to the bell. I still do to this day ‘cause it raises it (the song) up. You have to work for the verses, but in the chorus, you can rock.”

Other lessons include “drum kit essentials, to playing tips and techniques, to how to connect with an audience and convey emotion and feeling through your drum sticks.”

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass will also feature an all-star jam that includes ace players (and rockstars) such as Steve Walsh (The Eagles), Steve Lukather (Toto), and Nathan East (Eric Clapton’s band). Said musicians are regulars on Ringo’s touring ALL-STARR Band.

The MasterClass press release said that “Members will leave this class inspired to explore creative collaboration and equipped to start their drumming journey and forge a personal relationship with music.”

“If I can give any piece of advice, it’s to love what you’re doing,” adds Starr. “In my class, I will not only teach members how to get started with drums but share how to bring creativity into anything they are passionate about and inspire them to work at something they love.”

Ringo Starr’s class is now available exclusively on Pricing for subscription is $15 a month (or its peso equivalent) or $180 for an annual membership. The new lesson comes out in time for their Black Friday two-for-one deal promo.