Max Collins opens up about body-shaming

Max Collins

Known for her beautiful face and acting prowess, even Kapuso star Max Collins has experienced body-shaming.

"I was really a chubby kid naman talaga. I grew up with a weight problem - sometimes big or small. But people would always say na mataba ako and it was really hard on myself. So now nagpapayat ako for myself, for my health. I exercise regularly, and I eat healthy food because it's important for me to feel good. It's not for anyone else," said Max during the virtual contract signing for her new endorsement with Aqua Skin recently.

Max, 29, continued to talk about the scrutiny she faced from social media trolls.

"After I lost weight, after giving birth, people were body-shaming me in a way like they were saying 'kapapanganak mo pa lang tapos bigla kang pumayat,' ' ano ang pinaglalaban mo,' mga ganun. Parang they were making it like a bad thing because I was so narcissistic daw about being skinny agad. I just want to clarify that's not what I am doing it. I just want to take care of myself because it makes me feel good. And of course, it makes me a good mom for my son," she said.

Asked about the secret to her glowing skin and beauty, the star of "To Have and To Hold" on GMA Network said: "It's all about taking care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I work out every day, I meditate and I take my health supplements. I'm very particular with my time. Not only that, but I make sure I have the 'me time.' "

"I also try to be the best version of myself. Now is the time I focused on being the best version of myself for my family and for myself," she said.

Before she accepts endorsements, Max says she tries the products and do a background check of the company.

"Usually, I make it a point to try the products. Because I want to know the products I'm using are premium products, reliable and trustworthy. Also I do background check before I say yes to them," she added.

While she embraces being mestiza, Max admits there were moments she wishes she was morena (brown-skinned). "That happens a lot kasi sinsabi nila kapag mestisa ka pang kontrabida ka na lang. There are many times na gusto ko rin maging morena but wala akong magagawa eh."

With restrictions being relaxed, Max says she's hopeful she can take her son Skye Anakin to other places for relaxation.

"Marami na siyang nagawa. Pumunta na siya sa beach, sa farm. We didn't let the pandemic stop from doing things," she added.

Her son Skye Anakin was born on July 6, 2020, via birth water. Max decided to give birth at home due to concerns about COVID-19.

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