Come one, come all: Find out the secret to why Christmas shopping is easier and safer at Rustan’s

Published November 19, 2021, 9:16 AM

by MB Lifestyle

Excitement over the holiday season was made more evident for us with the welcome development of the improvement in the country’s COVID situation, making way for the promise of a more special holiday season coming upon us! There’s no sweeter way to celebrate this than spending it with family, which is why gift-giving is extra special this year!

Get your Christmas wish lists ready because Rustan’s has so much in store for you and your family as we get ready for the most wonderful time of the year!

Enjoy the convenience of holiday shopping at Rustan’s with its premium shopping services.

Rustan’s is ready to welcome the holiday season with a wide selection of gifts, irresistible offers, countless Christmas services, and a safe shopping space for you and your family. Gift-giving is one of the surefire ways we can show our appreciation and affection. So in this season of joy and love, Rustan’s has found more ways to make gift-giving easier, safer, and even more meaningful as we spend it with family.

Holiday shopping is a breeze with the help of Rustan’s very own Christmas elves, the Personal Shoppers on Call, whose holiday mission is to make sure you’ve got the perfect presents for the people you love! It’s all about making this year’s Christmas shopping experience hassle-free, safe, and fun! So you’ll spend less time worrying and more time enjoying each other’s company.

Gift-giving has got to be one of the most rewarding and most anticipated activities during the holidays. However, it is undoubtedly also one of the most stressful. So to save you from the trouble and inconvenience that come with Christmas shopping, Rustan’s Personal Shoppers are here to help! From finding, transaction, to delivery, trust that the Personal Shoppers are on it! 

Check out Rustan’s Christmas services, such as Gift List Management, where you can send over the list of people you are shopping gifts for and the Personal Shopper will help you in completing it. Here’s how it works!

  • Get into Santa mode and make your own list by writing down the names of those you’ll be shopping for. Don’t forget to include their gender, age, interests, or any detail that could help the Personal Shopper look for presents your receiver will genuinely appreciate.
  • Upon gift-hunting, expect a list of gift recommendations for each person on your list, complete with photos and prices to help you choose better.
  • You may even opt to have your items gift-wrapped at the store so it’s good and ready to go under a Christmas tree! This also comes with a cute holiday gift card so you can write a message for a more personal touch.
  • Then after choosing your gifts, the Personal Shopper will help you process payment and delivery. If you want to have it delivered straight to the receiver, you’ll just have to provide the address and pay for the delivery fee. And because Rustan’s wants you to curb the most stressful of holiday activities with utmost ease, they are offering a FREE DELIVERY when you’ve reached a total of P5,000 or more!

If you wish to visit the store and see the gifts up close and personal, you may book an appointment with a Personal Shopper through Assisted Shopping Services. It’s another Christmas service by Rustan’s that allows the customer to experience one-on-one shopping assistance when they come and visit. Just like in the Gift List Management service, you also have to prepare your Christmas list beforehand so you and the Personal Shopper can look for gifts easier and faster while strolling around the stores. Although, if you feel more comfortable staying in one area of the store or perhaps want to squeeze in a little bonding time with the family instead, the Personal Shopper can then bring his/her gift recommendations to where you are. So not only are you getting your errands done, but you’ll also be creating a fresh and beautiful Christmas memory at Rustan’s with your family!

However, if you wanna stay at home, that’s cool, too! Leave the in-store shopping shenanigans to the experts. Personal Shoppers can take you on a virtual store tour, so you can take a look at the items on your list and enjoy Christmas shopping at home through a video call.

More than presents, the greatest thing you can give this holiday season is the gift of each other’s presence. But in Rustan’s, you can enjoy both! So whether you’re looking for premium home items for mom and dad, luxurious jewelry for ate, delectable sweets for self-care, or just want to create precious bonding moments with the fam, there’s no better place to come and shop together than at Rustan’s!

Wanna experience the magic of shopping convenience? You may call your favourite Personal Shopper or their hotline at 0917 111 1952 to book any of these Christmas Services at Rustan’s.