Is Rabiya Mateo ready for show business?

Published November 18, 2021, 2:39 PM

by Neil Ramos

Rabiya Mateo just made formal her bid to conquer TV, signing up as exclusive talent of GMA, Thursday, Nov. 18.

While some were only too quick to rejoice about it, there are a few who are questioning the move.

Rabiya is unruffled.

She perfectly understands where the naysayers are coming from.

But she assured, “I will simply try my best to be worthy of the trust given me. Not everyone is given this opportunity. I know some might question my abilities but I will work hard. I believe it’s better to have failed trying rather than not trying at all.”

Obviously, Rabiya is ready to take on all comers.

Even bashers.

She related, “I’ve learned how to handle them already. I used to cry a lot about what I see and read on social media because by nature, I’m a ‘people-pleaser’ but now, I’d rather focus on myself. To just do my best and learn and keep improving.”

But why GMA?

“I really feel like it’s home. They made me feel welcome even before. To be honest, I am not that well –experienced but they believed in me. They saw potential in me and I am just grateful, honored in fact to be part of the GMA family.”

For her first big project, Rabiya is to be paired with Senator Bong Revilla.

How does she feel about it?

“I’m excited, of course. But I’m also a bit nervous. That’s why I’m already preparing hard.”

Sanya Lopez will also part of the series.

Is she going to actually compete with her?

“No,” Rabiya exclaimed. “There’s no competition. I look up to her. She knows a lot more than me. She’s done a lot of work. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from her.”