A mini refrigerator can help parents save time

Published November 18, 2021, 5:56 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

There are things we don’t think we need but really need in our lives. Products that once used will lead us to thought bubbles such as “Now, why didn’t I think of this earlier?”

Take for example the mini bar that’s part of the amenities list whenever we’re “shopping” for hotel rooms. We must admit that while the children get all excited to see the cutest fridge they’ve ever laid their eyes on, it was an appliance that we thought was just something they could look forward to whenever we stay in hotels.

Midea’s home appliances makes you feel at home

As work from home (WFH) and online distance learning (ODL) have changed the way we live our lives at home, these have also affected the choices we make when it comes to purchasing household items that could make living at home more relaxing.

Going on two years with this set-up at home can be pure joy for some, but most, especially mothers, find it challenging to juggle everything as the resident nanny of the family. “Mom, I want to drink cold milk,” and “Mom, I’m hungry” are just some of the subliminal requests you hear from children while you’re busy working. So many interruptions that one can’t say no to, which leads to working late at night while the children are asleep.

And that’s another scenario. There will be evenings when you burn the midnight oil but need sustenance to keep on going. The big refrigerator in the kitchen might be 50 steps away, but to a late night worker, it’s still a “long” walk for someone who is focused on getting the job done.

So the solution? These mini bar refrigerators from Midea that are space saving and even more quiet than a cricket. Introduced just this year, they come in 1.8 and 3.3 cubic feet sizes and offer the same benefits as their two-door refrigerators. “With our goal to make world-class and surprisingly friendly home solutions available and accessible for every Filipino family, and to every Filipino home. We believe that fresh storage solutions are more than just about the product design and its holding capacity. It is also about the technology behind the right room temperature to preserve and keep your food items fresh, it is about the innovative deodorizing system which avoids bacterial cross contamination so we can help keep your family safe, and our modern food storage solutions care about our consumers family savings through efficient power consumption so they can save more, and spend more to other things that matter—performance, efficiency, and savings,” says the Midea Philippines team.

And since these mini-bar refrigerators were just released this year, expect the best and most aesthetic features from them. Low noise operation at less than 38 decibels, adjustable temperature, improved sealing and insulation layers, food-grade materials, and tempered glass shelves, durable inner walls, removable storage basket, rollers for easy movement white inner tub are just some of them. And

The people behind this mini bar also thought of everything and everyone. It’s made for all the members of the family: dads can store their favorite beer and drinks, moms can place their expensive skin care products inside, and grandparents can keep their personal medicines in it as well. Mini cakes, chocolates, and other snacks can also fit—for the whole family to enjoy.

Best of all, you can place this sleek black mini-bar anywhere such as the rooms, the den, and even in between rooms so you don’t have to go all the way to the kitchen anymore. Now, all your quick cravings can be satisfied within reach. Plus, it’s such a time-saver for moms who want the best for their family—in the easiest way possible without sacrificing quality of life at home.

*For more details, visit the Midea site.