This sterilizer can help deliver good indoor air quality

Published November 17, 2021, 7:35 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

The holidays are here and the news of alert level 2 for Metro Manila is making us excited (and apprehensive) for the reunions and parties ahead. While some may still opt for virtual parties, many are raring to host get-togethers since it’s been years—literally—since we last saw each other in person. 

Unsplash, Nathan Fertig

And while most of us are fully vaccinated already, it’s still best to follow all safety protocols such as wearing your mask and using disinfecting tools religiously. So whether one chooses to host parties at home or have it at a restaurant, sanitizing is of utmost importance. 

But is using alcohol enough as part of your disinfecting process? Another supplement is the use of air purifiers. Though it is highly recommended that we stay in outdoor areas, there will be times that staying indoors with a group of people is unavoidable. Aller Plasma Orion Series are built just for this reason as it works on keeping indoor air clean with its continuous disinfection and odor control. 

Aller uses innovative cold plasma technology to keep viruses such as Coronavirus, H1N1, and EV71, molds, bacteria, and odors away. It uses plasma ions to clear the air and lessens the potential spread of infection by breaking down the molecular structure of these elements—even before they land on the surface or are inhaled.

Choose from five different product types that cater to 30 sqm to 150 sqm coverage—and they’re all easy to install. The smaller ones are great for intimate get-togethers, and you can even bring them to functions, houses, and even restaurants. Just simply plug and play. The bigger ones are suited for businesses such as restaurants and cafes, and can run for 24 hours straight for two years. 

The sleek matte metal finish blends well with just about any interiors. Some of the products can also be mounted on the wall, a space-saving feature. As for the costs, the smallest model just runs at P3.30 per day—minimal costs in keeping loved ones healthy.

For more information on the Aller Plasma Orion Series, visit the website.