Is it right for the MTRCB to regulate streaming sites?

Published November 17, 2021, 5:06 PM

by Neil Ramos

This is the question asked by many with the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) reiterating its desire to take an active role in regulating shows, films on streaming sites including Netflix.

Note the MTRCB is currently in transition with Atty. Jeremiah Jaro taking over chairmanship of the agency after Ma. Rachel Arenas made formal her bid to run for representative of the third district of Pangasinan.

We spoke virtually with former Congressman Jose Benjamin “Benjo” Benaldo who is now spokesperson and executive director II of the MTRCB and he affirmed that they are indeed discussing the matter, among others.

“Na mention na ito ni Chair Jaro in a board meeting,” he said.

He made clear though that they are yet to reach an agreement on the matter.

“We still don’t have an official stand but we aim to come up with one soon. Maglalabas po ang board ng official stand in the next few weeks, hopefully,” he added.

Note that Arenas originally proposed for streaming sites to simply adopt their ratings system.

It was met with resistance.

The Director’s Guild of the Philippines opposed it outright, believing it might hurt the local entertainment industry.

Whatever the case maybe, the MTRCB was successful in convincing Netflix to bar the airing of certain episodes of the six-part Australian TV series “Pine Gap” here.

Said Benaldo, “It was a complaint filed by the DFA, and we decided after series of summons and hearings na dapat tanggalin ng Netflix yung episodes na pasok tayo sa red nine-dash line ng China even if it’s fictional.

“We ordered them to take it out so that at least, the youth of today will not picture in their mind na part tayo ng nine-dash line ng China.

“And good thing that Netflix abided our decision po. Tinanggal nila yung episode 2 and episode 3 ng ‘Pine Gap’ sa Netflix Philippines.”

Is this just the beginning?

Some netizens are already grumbling.

Their comments:

“Wala sa mandato nila ito. Gusto lang nila sawsawan kasi nga kumikita. Don’t me.”


“Hello?? MTRCB okay lang kayo? Wala ba kayo magawa iba na mas mabuti?”

What do you think?