Delivering delight against all odds

Published November 17, 2021, 2:22 PM

by MB Lifestyle

A glimpse of the life of ‘pasabuyers’

When times get tough and rough, it’s always good to know that we have people around us that we can count on and trust. The lessons of the pandemic have made us value relationships and opportunities even more. We sought those whom we can depend on. Couple Nek and Jed had lost their jobs during the pandemic, but together they were able to pivot and find a dependable place to go.

Couple Jed and Nek

Faced with the uncertainties of the situation, Nek and Jed found hope in Conti’s. Finding opportunity in adversity, they decided to become “pasabuyers” or Accredited Conti’s Delight Shoppers (ACDS). What started as a favor for friends became their bread and butter to support their three kids and paying the bills.

Nek and Jed are beyond delighted delivering people their favorite Conti’s cakes and dishes, they would go despite storms and the heavy traffic. For the couple, the happiness that Conti’s goodies bring to others is more than enough reward for the trouble.

Conti’s recognized the growing demand for “pasabuyers” in the advent of the pandemic and created a program to help and assist the “pasabuyers.” They could have easily dismissed the burgeoning demand with the fear of their cakes and dishes being mishandled. Instead, Conti’s management embraced the “pasabuyers” by providing them training, privileges, and incentives. The once guerrilla tactic of the “pasabuyers” of buying bulk was no longer needed. They also know how to properly handle the cakes and preserve the quality of dishes.

All ACDS have their own fair share of remarkable stories on how they began and why they are doing it. What’s common is they all found relief and hope in bringing delight. True to its core values of helping the community, Conti’s has developed the ACDS program as it adjusts to the ever-changing needs of its customers. Through them, Conti’s is also able to reach more people, and deliver delight to more people in such uncertain times.

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