How to jumpstart your business the easy way amid the pandemic

Published November 16, 2021, 4:32 PM

by MB Business

Scale up your business with TFG

Starting a business in the midst of a pandemic can be quite terrifying. Venturing into the Food and Beverages industry, building a brand and developing a customer base can be difficult, especially now due to the impact and forecasted aftermath of Covid-19. But there’s actually one simple solution that could be your extra hand in making your business superior to others in the market—enter the Figaro Institutional Services.

“By getting The Figaro Group’s (TFG) institutional services, we are making it easy for our client to launch various selections of products with low risk & low capital,” TFG Business Development Manager, Ma. Victoria Reyes shares.

Seeing the Philippines’ Food and Beverages market already registering a positive growth rate as early as 2020 and is expected to grow the following year, it’s truly the best time to make sure your business is launched the right way in the new norm — part of which is to have a fully-equipped production facility.

“Having an established production facility is very important for business venturing into F&B Industry because with this kind of equipped facility you can offer excellent and affordable solutions to your customer product requirements at just affordable prices,” Reyes explains.

Moreover, their scope of services extends not only in easing the business operations but also in assisting with market research and development by customizing products based on their requirements and budget.

Many notable brands have been a partner of Figaro’s Institutional Services. Since 2016, they have a co-branding arrangement with Auntie Anne’s, supplying coffee beans to its stores nationwide. Amway Philippines, one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses from 2013 up to present, has also partnered with them in creating Achievers Coffee Mix & Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix.

In fact, the brewed coffee served in-flight when flying via Cebu Pacific pre-pandemic is also from TFG. And just recently, Shell Select Deli 2 Go Stores have already started serving the homegrown coffee company’s private labelled products.

Altogether, these partnerships with Figaro’s Institutional Services proves that they can remarkably modify any products depending on what a business needs in order to be successful—from market research, development, to ensuring a successful growth for your business.

Scale up your business now with Figaro’s Institutional Sales Department and send in your inquiries via email at [email protected] or contact through telephone at 026714232 loc 19.