Teachers share excitement in pilot F2F classes

Published November 15, 2021, 9:19 AM

by Marie Tonette Marticio

TACLOBAN CITY — Chosen as one of the pilot implementers of limited face-to-face classes in the country on Monday (November 15), teachers of Motiong Central School in Samar province have expressed their excitement to finally see their pupils in class after almost two years.

Yolanda Abantao, Grade 3 teacher shared she missed the normal classroom setup before the pandemic because she was able to experience the challenges of going to houses to distribute their modules for distance learning.

“I’m excited, at the same time I feel nervous because we feel the pressure of being one of the pilot schools to experience face-to-face classes but we will still be doing our best to teach our pupils,” she shared.

Of their 507 total enrollees, 114 pupils, 12 for kindergarten with 2 sections, 15 each for grades 1 to 3 with also 2 sections each will be joining the pilot run.

Arilda Espino, the school principal shared the school was chosen due to overwhelming support from its Local Government Unit and the community through the provision of resources needed to improve the physical set-up for limited face-to-face classes, advocacy on the vaccination program, and involvement of parents on the said implementation.

“It’s a relief for us because it will lessen our burden in going around to distribute their modules,” she added.

She said the number of children that will be joining the limited face-to-face to face classes was kept to maintain social distancing.The children were chosen based on the capability of the parents to teach them at home such as those whose parents are working.

They will have an alternate schedule of one week in school and one week at home to lessen the possible exposure of the children to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) virus.

“We will be having the usual classroom instructions such as sounds and reading since they belong to the primary level because based on our observation, the kindergartens are behind,” she shared.

Espino shared they have accomplished the school self assessment tool, identified learners that will participate in coordination with the parents, and asked if they are willing to be vaccinated because they are the ones who will be sending the children to school.