Ayala Land and putting it’s best Christmas foot forward

We may be on Alert Level #2, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be spreading Christmas joy and cheer this year. If last year, in the midst of more stringent protocols, we saw Ayala Land forging ahead with a virtual edition of their annual Ayala Triangle / Make It Happen, Make It Makati Festival of Lights, this 2021 sees a bigger and brighter virtual edition being presented. A media event highlighting this ‘bigger and brighter’ was a full blown happy reunion for most everyone involved, and those attending the online event.

Hosted once again by Issa Litton, who moved us all to tears last year, this year had special guest Jose Mari Chan, joining Mel Ignacio and Maila Aguilar and other representatives of Ayala Land, along with Quark Henares of Globe Studios-who handled the technical aspects of the light show. I mentioned reunion in the first paragraph, and that truly was the feeling, a ‘same time, this year’ element.

With enhanced visual elements, there are two Light shows for this year. Part 1 is replete with 3D holographs, the flying sleigh, and terrific light & sound. Part 2 is still 3D animation, but has a family-centered theme, and bringing home specifics of what makes a Filipino Christmas so unique. Thanks to AR filters, there’s an interactive element to this year's festivities. 

The Jose Mari Chan partnership is a very textured one, as not only did he offer his Christmas compositions, but he got involved in how they would be integrated in the Light shows. You could see it in the glow in their eyes, as Jose Mari & Quark talked about the synergy created to make this year’s edition happen. 

For Jose Mari, the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines is all about family, about Hope. And given the still lingering pandemic situation, it’s so important that events such as this are seen as opportunities for members of the family to get together and watch something together. Starting 6pm of November 12, one can watch the virtual editions of this year’s Festival of Lights on the Make It Makati YouTube site. 

It was noted that as this is virtual, one great takeaway is how Filipinos abroad can likewise head to the YouTube site and enjoy this slice of home from anywhere in the world. It’s really all about family, and this was brought home by Doug Kramer and his daughter who shared their excitement over the Festival’s launch.

So make a date, get the family members together and take a virtual stroll at the Ayala Triangle to take in the lights and join the interactive portions, as there are great prices at stake. Head to their website to learn all the details.