A more meaningful Christmas at Resorts World Manila

Published November 15, 2021, 11:57 AM

by MB Lifestyle

Resorts World Manila’s 30-foot tall Christmas tree adorned with upcycled materials to represent the Repurposing Our World initiative

The country’s premier entertainment and lifestyle destination, Resorts World Manila (RWM) is setting its sights on inspiring a greater movement towards creating a deeper meaning to this season of giving. RWM kicked off its annual holiday celebrations, Grand Fiesta Manila, with the ceremonial Christmas “Thrill Lighting” carrying the theme of Repurposing Our World.

RWM’s unifying theme for this year’s holiday celebrations is proudly represented by the majestic 30 foot-tall Christmas tree prominently displayed at the heart of The Plaza, Newport Mall. The same tree has been used in previous years with many of the same ornaments, made merrier and more meaningful with the creative use of repurposed materials.

RWM Thrillmaker Angelo Tibudan leads the in-house design team for this year’s Christmas decorations

RWM’s inhouse team refreshed and brightened ornaments from yesteryears—putting a new shine on old stars with pieces of discarded mirror panels from the old Maxims Hotel lobby, and adding crystal beads from old curtains to the Christmas balls. Angelo Tibudan, design lead for this year’s holiday decors, explains the meaning behind the design vision, “The idea is to work together to create something beautiful out of materials that would otherwise be considered waste, as a way to symbolize unity, resourcefulness, and innovation. The unprecedented challenges in recent times have inspired us to count on each other, find joy in the little things, and make the most out of what we have.”

A more meaningful Christmas at Resorts World Manila
A more meaningful Christmas at Resorts World Manila
A more meaningful Christmas at Resorts World Manila

In collaboration with corporate fashion brand and circular fashion advocate, Ucycle, Inc. (Ucycle), RWM is expanding on the promise of repurposing our world by reutilizing its corporate wear to add to its holiday decorations. The milestone partnership for RWM’s this initiative integrates the innovative R3 program of Ucycle that is created by mother and daughter advocates, Tati and Carmela Fortuna. R3 stands for Return – Repurpose – Recycle, a sustainability program that breathes life into old corporate garments and linen so that they may circulate responsibly and effectively within the organization and community.

Carmela and Tati Fortuna, the leading women of corporate wear brand, Ucycle, Inc. advocating for circularity in the fashion industry.

Gold and red flowers that adorn the centerpiece tree are designed and created using fabric from Thrillmakers’ uniforms, theater costumes, and hotel linens. At the base of the massive tree are 12 large bags made of the same materials. At the end of the season, these upcycled bags will be filled with gifts to be given to partner communities.

RWM’s newest environmental installation, GEO (Green Earth One) at the Garden Wing. Inside GEO are ornaments crafted from more upcycled materials, emphasizing the importance of using resources responsibly and sustainably.

Stephen Reilly, Resorts World Manila Chief Operating Officer invited guests to visit the inspired holiday decorations in the property, “We encourage everyone who visits us not to miss our giant Christmas tree here at the The Plaza, Newport Mall and the new Green Earth One (GEO) installation at the ground floor of the Garden Wing, right beside the Garden Wing Cafe, to take photos, marvel at the thoughtful decorations, and perhaps reflect on the past years we’ve had. These two are just the first repurposing steps towards a larger movement we are taking on in the near future.”

To know more about Resorts World Manila’s Grand Fiesta Manila and the Repurpose Our World initiative, visit www.rwmanila.com or follow RWM’s official social media accounts, @rwmanila on Facebook and Twitter, and @resortsworldmanila on Instagram.