Extraordinary Sundays at Finestra

Published November 14, 2021, 6:11 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Remarkable tastes await you at Finestra’s Italian Sunday Brunch happening every weekend starting December 2021, making Sundays the embodiment of solo il meglio o niente.

Paint yourself in sartorial flair for the perfect time to catch up with friends, or for the family’s weekly weekend indulgence. Experience Italy’s finest culinary glory with an unforgettable collection of exciting dishes and the restaurant’s most-loved items accompanied by bright brews and beverages for a touch of transcontinental leisure.

Finestra Sunday Brunch hot seafood starter.

Begin with seafood-focused starters that come hot or cold. The seafood tower on ice features exceptionally fresh shucked oysters, poached prawns, crab and crab salad, mussels, as well as different dips and sauces like your classic cocktail sauce, horseradish whip, raspberry mignonette, and lemon & lime. The hot seafood tower highlights a variety of grilled and baked items like garlic prawns, Rockefeller oysters, mussels baked with panko and herb, and crab cakes, plus dollops of tartar sauce, horseradish dip, lemon butter, and lemon and lime sauces. If you’re in the mood to splurge, you can also complement your choice of starters with a heavenly nutty and creamy Oscietra caviar which you can avail separately.

Find comfort and satisfaction in the welcoming warmth of Italian brunch specials. Enjoy flavorful house classics like the octopus carpaccio, rich foie gras terrine with fig jam and dehydrated pear, or beautifully scrambled eggs with truffles. Anticipate crisp salads like healthy Caesars made with vibrant greens and its refreshing signature ingredients. Italian pizzas straight out from the restaurant’s brick oven are also made upon order for the most authentic slices. Finestra’s stellar homemade pastas come in a variety to soothe every craving. Savor a bite of pappardelle tartufate, a risotto carnaroli, gnocchi with four types of cheeses and honey, or duck ravioli with vegetable brunoise and rosemary jus.

Save space for the incredibly appetizing mains filled with all kinds of meats and seafood. Tickle your taste buds’ fancy with braised beef cheeks with polenta targana or USDA filet mignon with green beans and potatoes fried in duck fat, or you can watch as the open kitchen unlocks its Josper grill to engulf a whole USDA rib-eye in its crackling flames for the most perfect steak you’ve ever tasted. Bite into tender baked Norwegian salmon, Pacific sea bass fillets, or lobsters that are filled with the sea’s delightful flavors.

What’s an Italian brunch without your wines and bubbles? A range of reds and whites not just from Italy but also from other European regions are available for you to pair your meals with. There are also spirits and liquor if you prefer a lighter or stronger drink, crisp house champagne, as well as beers from Europe and locally. Digestifs such as amaretto, sambuca, and the restaurant’s own limoncello are also offered. If you prefer mixes or a more non-linear beverage, Finestra has also come up with its own artistic cocktails like the Finestra Negroni, a bittersweet yet refreshing swig that’s an ode to its classic origins; the Pigafetta, a namesake of the Italian explorer Antonio Pigafetta, is made from limoncello with a blend of sweet and bitters; and the Giramondo which translates to “globetrotter” in English is exactly as its title – a concoction filled with a myriad of taste notes that’s as cosmopolitan as the well-traveled


Abundant Italian desserts will be a sweet refuge starting with affogato with a twist. Have a seat and see affogato made before your eyes with the help of liquid nitrogen. Have this Italian staple with coffee, alcohol, or just as it is with homemade biscotti or other decadent toppers. There’s also the popular Finestra tiramisu, creamy chocolate zuccotto cake, and velvety mango and passion fruit semifreddo, all served family style. But just when you thought the sweet sensations were done, a candy trolley filled with other Italian sweets and chocolates will make its rounds for you to pick some to take home. Experience all this with captivating melodies and world-inspired luxury.

Take pleasure in the refinement of extraordinary Sundays at Finestra. Finestra Italian Sunday Brunch is from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Price is at P4,999+ per person. For inquiries and reservations, please call 8888-8888 or email [email protected]

*Price is subject to a 10 percent service charge.