Marvel Studios to revive popular 90’s cartoon with X-Men ‘97

Published November 13, 2021, 5:10 PM

by Punch Liwanag

Marvel and Disney+ is picking up where the popular X-men animated series left off.

Marvel Studios and Disney+ recently announced that “X-Men ’97” is a go. Said show will revive the popular X-men animated series that originally ran from 1992 to 1997.

“X-Men ’97” was announced on Disney+ Day and came with a humorous Wolverine meme that MCU fans and netizens appreciated.

Details for the new show are still scarce at the moment, other than the info that it will hit the streaming service in 2023. This will be Marvel Studios’ second animated series after the successful “What If…?” show was released this year. It will also be the first time that Marvel Cinematic Universe will delve again into the world of the superpowered mutants known as the X-Men.

Marvel Studios have re-acquired the rights to the X-Men and the characters associated with it when Disney took over 20th Century Fox.

During Disney+ Day, the second season for “What If…? Was also teased. Also announced were Spider-Man Freshman Year (an origins spin-off) and the Marvel Zombies series.