Comelec grants pay hike, allowances for 2022 poll workers

Published November 13, 2021, 12:58 PM

by Dhel Nazario

Honoraria of teachers who will serve as Electoral Board (EB) and poll workers have been increased by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for the coming 2022 elections.

(Photo from the Department of Education / MANILA BULLETIN)

Based on the Election Service Reform Act (ESRA), the corresponding honoraria for poll workers are: Chairperson of the Electoral Boards – P6,000; Members of Electoral Boards – P5,000; Department of Education Supervisor Official (DESO) – P4,000; and Support Staff – P2,000.

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Based on Comelec Resolution No. 10727 promulgated on Nov. 10, 2021, the corresponding honoraria for poll workers are: Chairperson of the Electoral Boards – P7,000; Members of Electoral Boards – P6,000; Department of Education Supervisor Official (DESO) – P5,000; and Support Staff – P3,000.

However, this is lower than what the Department of Education (DepEd) prescribed in its proposal based on the Consumer Price Index and Inflation Rate as of January 2021: P9,000 for Chairpersons; P8,000 for EB members; P7,000 for DepEd Supervisor Official (DESO); and P5,000 for Support Staff.

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DepEd said in June the poll body “fully supported” the increase in poll workers’ honoraria by P3,000.

On Nov. 11, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) demanded P10,000 poll service pay especially for the chairpersons of the Electoral Board due to longer voting hours in the 2022 elections.

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Still, the latest resolution has provisions for allowances such as a travel allowance for the chairperson and members of the EB amounting to P2,000.

Medical personnel as well support staff of Emergency Accessible Polling Place (EAPP) and Isolation Polling Place (IPP) are entitled to P1,000 travel allowance only for the Election Day.

A communication allowance of P1,500 for DESO and DESO Technical Support Staff will also be provided.

An anti-COVID-19 allowance amounting to P500 will also be given to members of the EB, DESO and their respective support staff, medical personnel and EAPP support staff.

The Comelec also stated in the resolution that a minimum of five days service credit shall accrue to all government officials and employees serving as EB, DESO, medical personnel and support staff.

It also said that preference shall be given to individuals who are fully-vaccinated, without comorbidities and below 60 years old.