Dumper Rep. Bautista surprised at how media got wind of case vs. actor

Published November 12, 2021, 6:06 PM

by Armando Fenequito, Jr.

DAVAO CITY – Dumper Partylist Representative Claudine Diana Bautista-Lim has confirmed her legal action against actor Enchong Dee over a comment on her wedding several months ago.

“I would like to clarify that any legal action coming from us was instituted back in August of this year, upon my husband’s insistence and in response to the malicious allegations made against me at that time,” Bautista-Lim said in a statement released on Friday (November 12).

The Partylist Representative said while she would have preferred to be silent about this matter, her husband opted to file a case for her protection.

“Like any good and loving family man, he took it upon himself to seek redress from the legal system, to protect me and our family from baseless and damaging claims made against us, ” she said .

Bautista-Lim said despite initial reservations, he and his lawyers chose to pursue the case, not just because he and his family—who value their privacy and are focused on their businesses– were unfairly dragged into the whole issue.

She said her husband made this move as he saw the heavy toll that the attacks took on her sensitive pregnancy.

“The anxiety, anguish, humiliation and the impact on me and my family’s reputation left us no choice but to file cases against those responsible for causing us so much grief and worry, which almost led to me losing our baby, and which adversely affected some of our constituents’ trust in us,” she said.

She said with respect for country’s legal system, her family filed the case in August without fanfare.

“We are not aware of how the media learned about the case and why it was published in the news recently, ” she said.

Bautista-Lim with respect with the courts, her camp is expecting that the case will be fairly resolved.