Best smartphone for the youth: Flagship-level Huawei nova 9 can make you the best photographer and vlogger

Published November 12, 2021, 6:27 PM

by John Legaspi

The secret is in its flagship 50MP RYYB Ultra Vision camera

During the pandemic, the role of a smartphone in our lives has never been more essential. In the Philippines alone, more than eight million individuals rely on the assistance of a phone, from their everyday errands and work support to being a tool for digital escape. Much of that number is composed of today’s youth and, for them, it is a vessel to connect to people even when the times are keeping them physically apart. One young artist even described it as a “modern window,” helping them to see the world and the world to see them through small screens. And with the rise of photo and video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, taking snaps and tiny vlogging of short moments in their lives are among the things that define the lifestyle of today’s youth.

As the nation opens up again, there are now more moments for young people to capture as they rediscover the outside world. Restrictions, unfortunately, aren’t only applied to the places to visit. A smartphone can only do a number of things, and as much as people want to virtually immortalize every event the best way possible, a device has its own limitations. Hence, the number of gears and equipment content creators bring just to chronicle events.

But with Huawei’s latest innovation, everything you need for photography, vlogging, and more now comes in one handy device. The leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices introduces the Huawei nova 9, a device that meets the needs of today’s young digital natives with style and functions to match, helping them to do more and be inspired.

Huawei nova 9

A sleek finish in a phone meant for the sophisticated, stylish, and adventurous youth

So how does Huawei nova 9 can make you the best photographer or vlogger? Here’s a rundown of what makes it a true standout among other devices.

Perfect for low light and night shots

No more finding the light during late-night outdoors or adjusting the moody setup of your bedroom. Huawei nova 9 can work on hard-to-shoot scenarios thanks to its flagship 50MP RYYB Ultra Vision camera.

Indoor shots are brighter than ever (Gerrald Tan)

Resembling the flagship-level quality of P Series and Mate Series, the nova 9’s super sensing camera has RYYB color filter that allows 40 percent more light intake. What makes RYYB better than RGGB, which lets red light, green light, and blue light come through and captured by the lens, is that it replaces the green pixel with yellow pixel, which allows both red light and green light to come through. This ultimately enhances camera performance in capturing clear photos and videos in dark environments and settings.

Night shots are taken to a whole new level (Gerrald Tan)

What’s more, the brand’s XD Fusion Engine, which does high-level semantic analysis on multiple RAW frames taken on multiple cameras. In a much simpler explanation, it “engineers” and optimizes details and quality to make images and videos of supreme clarity, whether they are taken day or night.

Capture moments from all the best angle

Vlog like never before with the best camera and recording features. Crisp image clips with vivid color and rich details can be achieved with its 32 MP selfie camera and 4K front lenses for selfie video shooting. Create unique clips with its Time-Lapse and Slow-Motion features. Users with unsteady hands will find joy in its AIS video stabilization, enabling video recordings to be nice and stable. Content creators can also switch between the rear camera and front camera and enjoy dual-view recording. Topping it all off is the Petal Clip, offering a wide variety of vlog templates, from special effects, stickers, music, and fonts to sound effects, transitions, animations, and more.

Selfies become more brilliant

Filled with video-editing and photo-enhancing software

Huawei nova 9 is proving to be an all-in-one device with the Huawei AppGallery. Making content creation a breeze and enjoyable process, the device’s AppGallery is home to the best top apps and software. It even has cross-platform apps, which make the process work from PC to tablets and smartphones, giving the user a diverse experience of creating content exclusive to Huawei users.

With Huawei nova 9, controlling multiple devices at once is as easy as controlling just one single device because of the Super Device, which lets users easily control or set up multi-device collaboration with other devices, such as the Huawei Vision, FreeBuds, MatePad, and MateBook.

Its EMUI 12 version has a bunch of new features and improvements over EMUI 11 and provides a better user experience. It is a smart operating system, showcasing an innovative design for smoother interaction and comfortable viewing.

Landscapes or cityscapes? The nova 9 brings out the photographer in you (Gerrald Tan)

Stylish and chic exterior

While its specifications are enough to be a content creator must-have, Huawei nova 9 also brings style to the table with its premium-level design. Nova, a term hailed from the Latin word “novus,” meaning “new star,” is also related to the English word innovation. This new device lives up to its name by offering a flagship look that is the Starry Blue colorway. Adding to that are its sleek double-coated finish and ultra-thin built, making it lightweight and easy to grip and leaving a smooth, no fingerprint mark look.

Power longevity

Having a device that is quick to run out of power and takes hours to fully recharge isn’t good enough for the on-the-go Millennials and Gen Zs. That is why Huawei nova 9 is built with 66W Huawei SuperCharge, Touch Turbo technology that allows it to fill up to 60 percent in 18 minutes, and be fully charged in 38 minutes. For lower frame-rate content, the system also automatically switches to 60 Hz, preserving battery life in the process.

Truly, Huawei nova 9 is the dream device for any photographer and vlogger. Huawei’s latest offering was officially launched in the Philippines last Nov. 19 via Huawei’s official Facebook page or YouTube channel.