These glazed fluffy sponge bars are the perfect holiday giveaways

Published November 11, 2021, 12:51 PM

by John Legaspi

This season, hams are not the only ones getting glazed

Nothing beats the classic holiday favorites from the streetside puto bumbong and bibingka to the decadent fruit cake. But if you’re looking for new sweet treats to indulge in this year or to send away to your loved ones, these sponge bars might be the answer to your confectionery cravings.

Jim’s Recipe welcomes the Yuletide season with the launch of its glazed series featuring an array of “premium holiday flavors.” Think of it as a sponge cake and donut combo because that’s what it really is. The series features eight delicious flavors with unique toppings to add a dose of texture to the sponge bars. Filipino sweet tooths can choose from Choctella (chocolate hazelnut mix that taste like Nutella), Strawberry Kiss (strawberry glaze with mini chocolate Kisses), and Matcha Supreme (matcha glaze with roasted peanuts) to Crunchy Chocolate (dark chocolate with pinipig), Al Monde (white chocolate with almond slices), Cappuccino (cappuccino glaze with roasted peanuts) Macchiato (coffee macchiato with dark chocolate sprinkles), and White Tiramisu (tiramisu glaze with white chocolate sprinkles). A box of one costs P69, while boxes of two and four are priced P130 and P250, respectively.

“This will be our most affordable line of products more catered to the mass population that enjoys sweet and tasty desserts while having our famous Sponge Cakes as a base,” says Sean Wesley T. Uy managing director of Hersvil Foods Corporation.

Starting as a bakery in Malaysia in 2017, the brand has made a name for itself by serving top-quality sponge cakes and pastries. Soon enough the business opened new ventures in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and the Philippines in 2019. With over 50 stores worldwide. Launching on Nov. 14, 2021, avail 50 percent off on the Glaze Sponge Cakes and a Chigo plushie with a single receipt of P250.

Check out more of its glazed series @jimsrecipeph on Instagram.