QC gov’t to extend 'no contact apprehension'

The dry run for the No Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP) in Quezon City will be extended until Nov.24, the local government announced on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

The NCAP aims to detect traffic violations and discipline motorists using high-resolution cameras placed in the city's road intersections to prevent face-to-face interactions for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program's dry run started on Oct. 11.

The extension will take effect in three intersections -- Kamias Road. and Kalayaan Ave., P.Tuazon and 13th Ave., and P.Tuazon and 15th Avenue.

During this period, fines for the violations will not be applied.

The local government said that they will install additional cameras along the roads in the city.

Motorists are reminded to obey traffic rules in other areas of the city without the NCAP cameras.