How a simple chicken macaroni salad can make you happy

Published November 11, 2021, 8:00 AM

by Sandy Daza


This past week it was mostly take-out discoveries. A blessing this pandemic lockout has brought to many homes is survival and new discoveries. Since many have lost jobs, they’ve become resourceful and have sought and found ways to augment their income. In the process of forced survival, some have come up with winning dishes. One just has to be creative and determined to discover interesting items. Go to the internet for ideas.

The other day, I got a simple-looking chicken salad. It was well seasoned, full of filling, a bit spicy and sweet but it was so good. I have the delicious tuna salad of Pancake house. This version to me is tops. It has so much filling. It’s creamy, savory, salty, sweet, and so good. With that chicken macaroni salad came a simple-looking lasagna. The flat noodles were wavy, cooked al dente, the red meat sauce was not too thick but the dish was very good and the cream was just right. The top, baked with melted cheese, sealed the deal. All ingredients put together, it was a well-balanced and delicious lasagna version. Definitely one of the best I’ve tried. This one is made by Zia’s Cucina IG: ZiasCucina or 0917 828 6388

ZIA’S LASAGNA Simple but very delicious flat pasta

This past week, my cousin Joey won again at Resorts World and we were back to our watering hole, Bianca’s on Yakal Street in Makati. He had pork tenderloin with melted warm Emmental all over and simple lamb chops with garlic butter. Of course, both were delicious!

It’s creamy, savory, salty, sweet, and so good.

Another item that reached my table was a unique combination of bibingkas. Individually wrapped in toasted banana leaves, these are bibingkang galapong with the aroma of charcoal. It’s your usual sticky, sweet latik over a tasty base of sweet sticky rice with a hint of saltiness from the slices of red eggs. I didn’t expect that surprise of saltiness. It was unique, new, and oh so good! Viber: 0995 1593990 or IG: bibingkamnl

The best Bibingkang malagkit is one made by La Tasca. It has the perfect sweetness, the sticky rice cooked in coconut milk is perfect in combination with the thick brown topping. It is a favorite of mine when I want to impress foreign guests about how good Philippine desserts are. This version will forever be on my Christmas suggestion list.

This end of the month is Thanksgiving! If you haven’t found a turkey maker yet, here’s one that I personally turn to when the occasion calls for it—Bob and Ninay’s Roast Turkey, oven-baked with a delicious stuffing, with mashed potatoes and cranberry on the side. Ask for more gravy. It is so good with the mashed potatoes. I turn the leftovers into sandwiches the next day. Check them out!

Ninay and Bob’s Roast Turkey- 0918 909 8850, (02) 8984 0065

Happy eating!