ACRAZE drops summer anthem of the year 'Do It To It' featuring Cherish


Since the release of the original track “Do It To It” by Cherish in 2006, DJ and producer ACRAZE has brought it back to life with the use of his iconic bassline and recognizable synth formula.

ACRAZE is known for recreating tracks with nostalgic themes to modern party bangers. With 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify under his belt, “Do It To It” has garnered more than 25 millions streams since its official release on Aug. 20 of this year.

All-star DJs around the world have widely used this track on many occasions, from Gordo, Chris Lake, Dombresky, and DJ Snake to name a few. As DJ Snake would describe this track to be “the song of the summer” when he invited ACRAZE on stage at the Brooklyn Mirage concert.

German-Russian DJ and producer, Zedd also released an unexpected version of the song by adding the theme song of Netflix’s hit series, Squid Game. The mash-up now has over 4 million views on Youtube, watch it here.

From the epic beats and groovy undertones, to the catchy lyrics, no doubt this song is the track of the summer and probably for the whole year. “Do It To It” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.