'PAST IS PAST:' KC Concepcion thanks dad Gabby

Published November 6, 2021, 10:47 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

KC Concepcion recently penned a heartwarming birthday message for her dad, Gabby Concepcion, who just turned 57.

On Instagram, she took the opportunity to express her gratitude.

“Hey, handsome! Happy happy birthday to you papa— the first guy who stole my heart!!!,” she started.

Then KC thanked Sharon Cuneta’s former husband for always spending time with her and “for checking up on me and picking up the phone when I call even if it’s 2am!”

According to her, she “values” and “cherishes” every second they spend together, every conversation, every bonding moment, every new adventure, and every new story he would tell her.

“Thank you for not only making up for all the lost time but for making the effort to keep our bond close, too,” KC continued. “Thank you for respecting me as a grown woman, and as an adult – this is so precious to me. But also, thank you for still making me feel like your baby girl.”

The 36-year-old actress said that despite she missed him for many years, she loves him more now.

“And I still and forever will love you so so so much,” she reiterated.

“Past is past, and what matters the most is TODAY and TOMORROW! I love every second! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Papa!!!”