Priscilla Almeda on baring all: ‘No regrets’

Published November 3, 2021, 6:44 PM

by Neil Ramos

Prior to disrobing for the cameras in the ‘90s, Priscilla Almeda already managed to eke some following as wholesome Abby Viduya.

Her transition to bold films riled many.

Many thought it improper given her impressionable young following.

But Priscilla defied the odds.

She would flourish going on to carve an indelible mark in the industry.

In fact, to this day, many still remember Priscilla for her derring-do.

Does she regret it?

Apparently not.

In a recent interview, Priscilla shared, “No. I can’t. I won’t. I learned a lot going through the phase.”

She just laughed relating how some people still think most of the scenes she did in her past films were “for real.”

“It was all about good acting and the right camera angle,” she said.

Priscilla could’ve continued doing bold films but she got tired of it all.

“It came to a point that I just got burned out. I was tired. I wanted a family.”

But she is now back, eager to restart her career.

She has since signed up with Viva.

“I missed acting. I found out that I needed it in my life.”

But no more bold films for her, though.

“I think at 45 it’s not appropriate for me anymore. Let’s leave it to the young ones. I want new challenges.”