Suntrust Ascentia: Pre-selling units promise ideal living and presented as practical investments

Published October 30, 2021, 7:34 PM

by Johannes Chua

A lot of pre-selling units are available in the market these days. From entry-level homes to luxury residences, developers are trying their best to get the attention of buyers by coming up with deals, promos, and even discounts.

Though these may convince buyers to purchase a unit, the most important factor when buying a pre-selling unit is to check first the developer behind it. Like any investment, a pre-selling unit may have risks, but if you look at the experience, portfolio, and expertise of Suntrust Properties, then you are assured that your hard-earned money will definitely go to building your dream unit.

“Buying a pre-selling unit has a lot of advantages because aside from the lower price, there are a lot of deals for early buyers. This can become a future-proof investment, too.  But, it is also very important to check the reliability of a developer when purchasing a pre-selling unit. You have to look at its record – especially how it delivered its past projects,” said Atty. Harry S. Paltongan, president of Suntrust Properties. 

With a pre-selling unit, investing early allows for payment plans that are longer and more budget-friendly. Add to that, an early pre-selling unit buyer would have the privilege to choose the best unit before others get ahead.

The best pre-selling project today is found in one of the most ideal locations in the metro – the heart of Manila, specifically in the Santa Ana district. The condo community project is called Suntrust Ascentia, and it will not only enhance the landscape of the area but will generate an impressive ROI to early investors who would snap up its pre-selling units. 

Exterior facade of Suntrust Ascentia.

“We chose Santa Ana in Manila because it has history, culture, and heritage. It is a convergence of the past and the modern. Classified as a ‘histo-cultural heritage zone’ by the City of Manila, Santa Ana is an ideal location for Suntrust Ascentia because it is in the boundary of three major cities – Makati, Mandaluyong, and San Juan. Thus, the area is a wise location for many businesses, and most importantly, for residential communities,” said Paltongan.  “Every corner and avenue of the district has easy access to various modes of land transportation 24/7, going to different parts of the metro, making it one of the most convenient places to live in.”

Amenity pool

New heights in features

Suntrust Properties is not only putting up a landmark in Manila, but also bringing the lifestyle of its future residents to a higher level.

Jacuzzi area of the amenity floor.

Suntrust Ascentia is a 5,120-square meter, single 36-floor tower inspired by the timeless buildings of ’70s Manila. It would have state-of-the-art amenities and well-crafted studio, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units designed for residents’ comfort and convenience.

To add some sense of place, historical art and vintage pieces will be on display in a dedicated area to commemorate the district’s glorious past.

Convenience and security are also top priorities. For example, access to residential floors is limited only to the unit owners through keycard enabled elevators. The tower features eight elevators, providing greater comfort for those living in the higher floors. A commercial area is available so residents could have access to life’s essentials.

“Apart from convenience, Suntrust Ascentia also values life’s best moments within the comfort of one’s community. We have indoor and outdoor facilities for recreation, such as a swimming pool and a kiddie pool, landscaped garden, outdoor lounge, multi-purpose area, pool lounge, children’s playground, Jacuzzi, fitness gym, and a jogging path,” said Paltongan.

Bedroom of the three-bedroom unit.

Located along New Panaderos Street, Suntrust Ascentia is just a few steps northeast from the Santa Ana Bridge connecting it to Mandaluyong, Makati to the east, Paco and Pandacan district to the west, while its north connects to San Juan. Living in Suntrust Ascentia puts residents at the heart of everything. All of life’s conveniences are near as the neighborhood is close to business districts, schools, universities, and leisure hubs. 

Now in a pre-selling mode, Suntrust Ascentia combines the credibility of a trusted developer with a project in the most ideal of locations. What’s more to ask for? At Suntrust Ascentia, sky is the limit for your dreams as you seek for progress in life, start a family, or bond with your loved ones – without any worries. 

Suntrust Properties, Inc. (SPI) through its acquisition of Stateland, Inc. (SLI) envisions a “bigger, better, and brighter” future of providing quality and affordably priced homes for the Filipino homebuyers. With a combined real estate track record of more than 65 years, SPI and SLI continue to expand their joint portfolio of vertical and horizontal projects nationwide. Suntrust is a 100 percent wholly-owned subsidiary of Megaworld Corporation, a company under the umbrella of Alliance Global Group, Inc. To learn more about the company’s strong portfolio and Suntrust Ascentia, visit