Cinderella Obeñita’s winning looks at Miss Intercontinental 2021

Published October 30, 2021, 11:28 AM

by John Legaspi

Here’s the story behind her evening gown

Filipino beauty queen Cinderella Faye Obeñita is the crowned winner of Miss Intercontinental 2021, which took place at Sunrise Diamond Beach Resort in Egypt on Oct. 30, 2021. This is the second win for the Philippines in the international pageant.

Cinderella’s winning looks at the pageant

Possessing both charm and intellect, the 25-year-old bested over 70 representatives around the world. In the question and answer portion of the night, she was asked if English speaking is important in being Miss Intercontinental.

Here’s her answer:

“As an ambassador, I don’t think that speaking a specific language is very important here in Miss Intercontinental or any pageant at all. As long as that woman is a woman of power and grace, commitment, and intelligence, no matter what language she speaks, and that woman is actually a woman of style and substance, then she can win any pageant or any endeavor she is into. Also, it’s very important, I have learned actually here in Miss Intercontinental, that a woman should possess power of substance.”

“And I believe I am that woman because that is the essence of a modern-day Miss Intercontinental—that we are living in a world that’s very hard to survive. And as a Miss Intercontinental, I would like to be that source of hope, that source of inspiration on the true power of beauty and that is felt on the kindness of our hearts and definitely on the sincerity of our loving actions.”

Apart from winning the judges with her wit, Cinderella also wowed them with her poise and style with the help of Filipino fashion designer and stylist Odelon Simpao.

For the evening gown competition, Cinderella wore a dress that’s worthy of her name. Dubbed as “Kislap,” the silver gown with a bejeweled sweetheart neckline, linear embellishments mimicking the sun’s rays, and thigh-high slit aimed to spark a “feeling of hope in these downtrodden times.”

“Lifted from the Philippine national anthem, the word ‘kislap’ alludes to our flag, flying in triumphant radiance,” the Odelon says. “While beauty queens are most often associated with glitz and glam, they are also a symbol of optimism of a dream come true. That in the midst of a world unknowing of the future, a queen like Cindy, shines for us to redefine pageantry as a meaningful stage to show the best of humanity.”

During the crowning moment, Cinderella sported a cocktail dress with a geometric pattern and textured skirt. Made by the same designer, the violet hue of the garb is an ode to the beauty queens’ home province of Misamis Oriental.

We’ve got to admit. Both of the looks gave her true princess moments!

Photo by Raymond Saldaña

Dress and styling by Odelon Simpao

Earrings by Christopher Munar

Shoes by Bragais Shoes

Makeup by Mila Gulfan

Hair by Jan Jonas Lucas