WATCH: Why did Bimby and Mel Sarmiento do the fist bump?

And in front of Kris Aquino, too!

"Marami kasi kayong mga questions, and I felt that the perfect person to talk to us would be Bimb because he would make at least him comfortable," Kris started the Instagram TV.

Bimby agrees, "Me, too, Mama. I really hope so as well."

One of the most heartwarming parts is when Bimby asked Mel when he realized his mom was really the one. "Yun nararamdaman ko sa sa loobin ko, I'm so happy. Lahat na notice yun," My niece would say, 'Iba ang ngiti mo ngayon.'"

"Hirap i-explain pero sabi ko, siya na," adds Mel while pointing to Kris.

Bimby nodded and smiled, "Wah! Mr. Swabe!" and the two did a fist bump.

What a wonderful sight to see!