Taguig’s active COVID-19 cases now at 464

Published October 28, 2021, 2:33 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

Taguig City’s active coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases totaled 464 as of Oct. 26, the city government announced.

The city government recorded 106 new cases on Oct. 26 from 114 on Oct. 25, and 146 on Oct. 24.

Vaccination in Taguig (Taguig City government)

The city logged 50,641 confirmed cases, 49,777 recoveries, and 400 deaths.

According to OCTA Research, Taguig recorded 31 new COVID-19 cases on Oct. 27 based on the Department of Health’s Data Drop. With these, Taguig placed 15th based on the number of new cases among all cities and municipalities in the country.

In a special report, OCTA Research said Taguig City is now at a “low risk” level based on a two-week trend for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases.

“The 7-day average in new daily COVID-19 cases in Taguig decreased to 58 (for the week from October 21 to 27) from 109 (for the week from October 14 to 20), for a one-week growth rate of -47%, see first figure on the right,” according to OCTA Research’s special report on Taguig issued by Dr. Guido David and contributors.

It said Taguig’s peak seven-day average during the Delta variant surge totaled 536 COVID-19 cases from Sept. 6 to 12.

Before the Delta variant surge, Taguig recorded a seven-day average of 47 new COVID-19 cases per day.

“It is possible that Taguig will be seeing this level of cases by early November. The current incidence rate or ADAR (average daily attack rate) in Taguig is 6.64 per 100,000 per day, which is considered moderate based on DOH [Department of Health] criteria and based on covidactnow.org,” according to OCTA Research.

The current reproduction number in Taguig, according to the group, is 0.41 as of Oct. 26, which is classified as low. It said the reproduction number in Taguig has been decreasing since Aug. 14.

On the other hand, the positivity rate in Taguig is 8 percent as of Oct. 26, “considered a moderate positivity rate.”

Healthcare utilization in Taguig is also decreasing and is at 33 percent at present, “which is considered low.”

“Effective epidemic management has enabled Taguig city to achieve a low risk level, based on covidactnow.org metrics. Note that this does not reflect the alert level rating used by the DOH and IATF [Inter-Agency Task Force],” OCTA clarified.

OCTA explained that “overall risk level is based on a combination of the risk levels for ADAR, Infection, HCUR and Testing Positivity Rate. The risk levels described in this report are not reflective of the alert levels prescribed bv the DOH and the IATF.”