Create a spine chilling viewing experience with the Samsung TV

Planning to indulge in scary movies this Halloween? Complete the gripping experience with a Samsung TV! Packed with features to bring hair-raising scenes to life, you’ll also get a 6-month subscription to HBO GO when you purchase select TVs, so you’re sure to get the best Halloween horror scare-fest marathon.

A thrilling Halloween experience at home with a Samsung Smart TV

Go for a heart-racing horror movie experience

People watch scary films for many reasons. Some enjoy the jump-scares, some look for the gore, while others love the escapism offered by horror films.

Whatever your preferences are, Samsung TV’s unrivaled picture quality brings all the gritty details of scary movies come to life. With Samsung’s upscaling capabilities, any HBO GO film or series is automatically upscaled to the next best resolution up to 4K or 8K. Watch with ease in a pitch dark room (unless you’re too scared) thanks to Adaptive Picture, where the TV scans the room’s lighting to automatically adjust brightness and contrast. Even the deepest shades of black will pop out on your screen.

Feel the thrill and chills through the remarkable audio quality

Creepy background music and ambient sound effects are half the thrill of watching scary films. Samsung TV’s built-in audio features enhance the experience further to bring you a more immersive experience. Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound feature lets you hear the action exactly where it’s happening – when the action moves, the sound moves with it whichever way it goes from all corners of the TV.

If you’re watching with friends or family who tend to scream out loud, the Active Voice Amplifier feature will make sure you don’t miss out on any important dialogue on-screen by automatically adjusting volume levels when the TV recognizes disruptive background noise. On top of this, the TV comes equipped with SpaceFit Sound, which uses a sensor to scan the room’s surroundings to optimize the room’s size and acoustics. Get double the thrill with a chilling sound experience this Halloween.

Binge-watch or do a horror movie marathon

Bring your Halloween scare-fest to the next level with the best horror films from HBO GO, which comes pre-installed on all 2021 Samsung Smart TVs. Looking for something bloody, intense, suspenseful, or ghoul-y? Turn to HBO GO’s vast library of films, which includes The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, It: Chapter 2, Doctor Sleep and classics like The Grudge. More horror films are curated under “Halloween Horrors” on HBO GO.

Experience a thrilling Halloween hangout at home with a Samsung Smart TV. Get one now at any authorized Samsung dealer and enjoy a 6-month HBO GO subscription.

Promo runs until December 31, 2021. Visit today for more information.