‘Women also have balls’ — VM Honey

Published October 27, 2021, 1:34 PM

by Seth Cabanban

City of Manila mayoral candidate and current Vice Mayor Ma. Sheilah “Honey” Lacuna-Pangan debunked the mysogynistic belief that women in politics “do not have balls” and are not as tough as their male counterparts.

(Photo courtesy of Dra. Honey Lacuna Facebook page / MANILA BULLETIN)

“Hindi po porket babae, wala ng balls (Just because we are women does not mean we do not have balls),” Lacuna-Pangan told Kapihan sa Manila Bay host Marichu Villanueva on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

Lacuna-Pangan was asked the question: “Manila is dominated by male politicians, daming mga pasaway at siga, both sa barangay leaders, hoodlums, even police (many of whom are stubborn and proud, some of them are barangay leaders, hoodlums, even police). Do you have the balls to square it out with them? Ngayon lang ang Manila ay may pamumuno ng isang nanay (Manila will now have the chance to be led by a mother).”

She replied: “Hindi po porket babae, wala ng balls. Sometimes nga, mas matapang ang babae, (Just because we are women does not mean we don’t have balls. Sometimes, we are braver than them).”

Villanueva asked Lacuna what she hopes to achieve as the first female mayor of the capital city.

Lacuna-Pangan said she wants to spearhead the construction of “super health centers” in the six districts of Manila similar to the existing Tondo Foreshore Health Center which opened in December, 2020.

She also proposed the construction of a halfway home for street-dwellers as well as an improved office for the Manila Office for Senior Citizens Affairs

Lacuna also hopes to continue providing students with allowances and to potentially raise the pensions of senior citizens.

Lacuna, who has served as vice mayor since 2016, filed her certificate of candidacy for mayor of Manila last Oct. 6.