Allan Ancheta’s book ‘Fusion’ presents a deeper view on art collecting and Filipino creatives

Art collector Allan Ancheta gives an insider’s view on the world of art collecting through his inaugural book titled “Fusion,” which was launched last Oct. 20 to 22, 2021 at Manila FAME’s digital event FAME + Market Days.

An essential book for art enthusiasts and collectors alike, Fusion takes readers through the wonders of appreciating Filipino talent and collecting artworks

“‘Fusion’ is an exploration of the arts, self, and environment,” Allan says. “In learning more about the lives of the local artists and the contexts of their art, we go beyond what we see and gain a deeper appreciation of their work. This is a crucial step for those who wish to start their own collection. One’s environment also plays an important role, as these artworks bring spaces into life and can transform a place into a cabinet of curiosities.”

In the pages of his book are artworks of Filipino creatives featured in The Cabinet at Canterbury, a gallery he built with his wife Jas Ancheta inside their humble abode in Manila. These artists are masters of different disciplines and come from different backgrounds. The diverse set includes Ben-Hur Cabana, Khristina Manansala, Nixxio Castrillo, among others.

Allan Ancheta

The book will guide readers through the how-tos of collecting and curating the pieces in a space as well as the transformative role of art in one’s life.

“The pandemic was personally a trying time for me with the death of my mother and personal, familial, and colleagues instances of sickness and anxiety. But it was also a time of discovery and grit and this book is a work forged in fire during this period,” he muses. “Thanks to the various collaborators and artists who generously gave time and effort for my first book. Spread the word friends and collaborators this is as much as your book as it is mine!”

“Fusion” by Allan Ancheta can be viewed through FAME+ Market Days’ Brand Sessions, and will be available at and Jas Ancheta Interiors on Facebook and Instagram.