‘Dawn’ of a New Half-Century for W Express

To be a company or a brand, and celebrate 50 years is always an impressive milestone. What more when you’re in the logistics, express delivery industry - a service where survival and enduring hinges on the sustained dependability and trust you engender with your customers. So let’s salute W Express, a pioneer in the delivery service, that’s now marking its half-century of existence.

The COVID pandemic meant a whole new set of challenges, but one where despite health and safety considerations, the need for efficient and dependable express delivery service became even more of a necessity, and an urgent requirement. W-Express constant investment in technology over the years not only prepared the Company for the challenges of the pandemic, but has in fact made operations as seamless as possible. As if the environment was normal.

With the acquisition of new vehicles, and the internal updates of systems improvement, the digitization of operational processes, and the strong implementation of health protocols for all offices and operations - W Express was more than ready to meet the pandemic challenge. Contactless transactions and payments, verifications, and customizing to meet the changing demands of its customers all became part of the ‘pivoting’ and resilient nature of W Express. And it wasn’t lost on their customers how W Express was moving to make things still easy and convenient, in spite of the community quarantine conditions.

Dawn Feliciano, W Express Chairman and President.

Ms. Dawn Feliciano took over the company from her late father, Mr. Rodolfo Feliciano, the visionary/pioneer who introduced DHL to the Philippines, and made express delivery a reality for the local market. Before ‘Rod’ and DHL Philippines, we would only read about how companies such as DHL were creating a ripple effect in the world, and dream about how that kind of service could be made available locally. And now, 50 years later, the logistics firm endures, even if operating under a new name. For so many essential businesses in our country’s fast-developing regions, W Express is an integral part of their success and viability.

The creation of products and services that can cater to a variety of clients.; from domestic document services to freight services of large shipments, W Express has ventured into business processing outsourcing that makes a tedious, yet required process, of visa application and authentication (for certain embassies) more convenient for its customers. This has become so important for those wishing to work abroad, and the documentation required to achieve that. For these individuals, W Express is an essential ally.

Ms. Feliciano adds that going digital has given the company a cost-effective means of further enhancing the customer experience, “The integration of technology into our business allowed us to address our customers’ need for relevant and timely shipment updates. As far back as 2018, we were able to give real time updates through the deployment of an internal mobile app used by our operations team.”

“As a company certified under ISO 9001 : 2015 standard, our operational activities are monitored regularly, and by staying committed to these standards, we can also ensure our customers that our services can only get better in the days ahead. This has also been a worthy investment since 2011 when we first got certified to ISO. ”

In the final analysis, it’s all about being part of the lives of Filipinos all over the country, and across the globe. For Ms. Feliciano, it’s nothing less than being the go-to and household brand that delivers with care and confidence, and enjoys the utmost trust of the Filipino. If looking back at the last 50 years is a source of great pride and accomplishment, Ms. Dawn Feliciano knows it’s also about looking forward to the ‘Dawn’ of the next fifty years.