FASHION PULIS: Awkward issue

Published October 23, 2021, 9:39 AM

by Mike Lim

Accomplished Celebrity (AC) and Her Partner (HP) are considered successful in their careers.

AC has worked hard to reach her status, which is similar to what HP has attained. Over the years of their relationship, both have undergone moments that tested their relationship. Some years ago, they experienced financial issues, but such problems made them stronger to achieve their goals. Even if the difficulty added pressure to their relationship, they did not give up on each other. Hard work paid off and their friends say they have the best the world has to offer now.

However, one area has bothered AC and she confided to a friend. Although HP is hot, intimacy is an issue. Whenever AC would give hints, HP would often excuse himself and tell AC to focus on her work. HP has no choice but to follow. During rare occasions when they agree, they had to resort to watching porn to get him on the go. Finally, HP confessed that he has problems in the physical part of their relationship. Out of her love, AC expanded her understanding.

Despite the intimacy issue, HP is very caring, loving, and supportive. Moreover, he is loyal and does not have a secret third party that makes him seemed aloof to AC when it comes to bedroom matters.

‘There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.’ − Brad Meltzer

Pricey Decision

When Wealthy Patron (WP) started a relationship with a Pretty Actress (PA), he made sure her family would be happy with him.

WP allegedly sponsored the construction of a new home for PA’s family and provided for their transportation needs. PA’s family were happy despite knowing that their child was one of the women of WP. Elders stressed on PA that she should stick it out with someone from whom she can reap benefits.

Everything was going well until WP heard about a New Man (NM) making his presence felt in the life of PA. Sensing something was going on, WP stopped his sponsorship of the house and transportation services of PA’s family. Communication lines were cut as well. The family became upset with the distancing of WP.

With the pandemic going on, PA felt that her finances will not last long with WP out of her life. Offers were scarce as projects were keen on casting talents, scrutinizing even their personal connections. PA then reached out to a Former Benefactor (FB), but he rejected her and said he did not want anyone’s ‘leftovers.’

Meanwhile, NM assured PA that he’d be around if she needs financial help. Although he might not be as rich as her previous sponsors, NM has a stable source of income that has survived the pandemic.

‘Everything you’ve worked for can go to waste with only one wrong decision.’ ― Auliq Ice

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