Antique province pledges support to Mayor Isko's 2022 presidential bid

Published October 23, 2021, 4:09 PM

by Andrea Aro

Antique province has pledged support to the presidential bid of Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, believing that he has the “competence and right skills to lead the country”.

(Photo courtesy of IM Media / MANILA BULLETIN)

Domagoso’s father, Joaquin Domagoso, was from the town of Hamtic Jose in Antique.

Antique Board Member Vincent Hernandez Piccio III said the province and the whole Western Visayas region will support Domagoso and his running mate Dr. Willie Ong in the May 2022 elections.

He expressed his support to Domagoso during the Oct. 18 launching of the Ikaw Muna (IM) Pilipinas Antique chapter at Casa Agusta in San Jose de Buenavista in the province.

Piccio stressed that Domagoso’s efficiency in public service, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is enough to convince the public that he is fit to be the next president of the country.

“We have seen the efficiency of Yorme Isko Moreno in public service, in just two years marami na siyang nagawa para sa kanyang mga pinaglilingkuran sa siyudad ng Maynila lalo pa nang tumama ang pandemya dulot ng CCOVID-19. Hindi nagpabaya si Yorme Isko, agad niyang natugunan ang mga pangangailangan ng kanyang mga nasasakupan, bilis kilos talaga! (He has already done a lot for the people in the city of Manila, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Yorme immediately met the needs of his constituents. It was fast action indeed,” he said.

“And now as we launch Ikaw Muna Pilipinas Antique chapter, this is in recognition of the roots of Isko Moreno having come from the Visayas especially in the province of Antique,” Piccio added.

Piccio also said that Domagoso is a “concrete reminder” of a poor person who worked hard and studied well which made him the leader that he is now.

IM Pilipinas National Convenor and Political Affairs head Bong Mangahas, on the other hand, said that the launching of the IM Pilipinas chapter in the province was proof that more Filipinos even abroad expressed their full support to Domagoso.

IM Pilipinas Secretary-General Elmer Argaño said that having a “compassionate leader” like Domagoso to lead the country is “sure a victory for Filipinos.”