Aljur Abrenica deletes controversial FB statement

The now viral statement of hunk actor Aljur Abrenica challenging his wife Kylie Padilla to tell all about their separation, is no longer available for people to gawk at.


Who knows?

Was he advised to delete it?

We could only guess.

Whatever the case maybe, it already did much damage with the whole issue now among hot topics on social media.

Note that in there, the 31-year-old TV star dared his estranged wife Kylie Padilla to “tell the truth” as to who between them cheated first going on to wreck their family.

Kylie didn't bite but a few personalities did - particularly social media denizens eager for clicks.

Even veteran scribe Cristy Fermin got in on the action, earning the ire of Kylie.

In fact, the two have been exchanging sweet nothings on social media even as we write this.

Meanwhile, AJ Raval has had enough announcing to whoever is concerned that she is taking a break from social media.

Aljur beat her to it.

The hunk actor has already kept himself scarce.

It's as if he's preparing for another "pasabog."