What Yassi wants

Published October 22, 2021, 1:38 PM

by Neil Ramos

Are you without a girlfriend?

Are you dreaming of someone like, say, Yassi Pressman?

Well, good for you.

Obviously, you are too much of an optimist.

In a world where hope seems scant, we definitely need more of your kind.

And for that, we now offer you a glimpse into what Yassi is looking for in a soulmate.

You’re welcome.

First off, know that Yassi wants a good listener.

But don’t overdo it. Make it look, feel natural. Make her comfy.

As Yassi puts it: “Gusto ko ‘yung taong wala akong pinagtataguan ng kahit na ano. That means you are fully comfortable with them. Doon ko feeling na ‘yung soulmate ko, kilalang-kilala ako ng buo.”

Get it?

You don’t have to be there all the time for her.

But when together, make sure you’re ready to ride her moods.

Yassi told us: “Minsan ‘yung mga tao na kahit saglit mo lang nakasama, feeling mo buong buo mo nang naibigay ‘yung puso mo sa kanila. Somebody you can laugh with. Somebody you can talk to. ‘Yung kasama mo kumain, kasama mo sa saya, kasama mo sa lungkot…”

If in the end all these amount to nothing don’t fret.

As Yassi said: “Lahat naman tayo gusto natin may mapuntahan lahat ng sacrifices natin …kasi ‘yun po ang iniisip natin na pang-forever na…Huwag mong isipin na sayang kasi it brought you to a certain point in your life that changed your mindset or may lesson kang natutunan. So for me, ‘yung mga tiis and sacrifices na ‘yun ay worth it pa rin.”