Onic dominates NXPE, books spot in upper bracket finals

Published October 22, 2021, 5:06 PM

by Reynald I. Magallon

Onic Philippines asserted its dominance over the Nexplay Evos with a 3-0 sweep to book a spot in the upper bracket finals of the MPL Philippines Season 8 playoffs on Friday, October 22.

Photo from MPL Philippines

Marky “Markyyy” Capacio set the tone for Onic as he starred in the first two matches on his signature marksman heroes Claude and Kimmy. Markyyy looked comfortable in his Claude in the series opener with a 3-1-9 showing before following it up with a perfect game with 6-0-9 KDA on his Kimmy in Game 2. Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol finished what Markyyy had started and wreaked havoc on his Ling with an immaculate 5-0-3 stat line to help Onic finish off NXP in Game 3.

NXPE was coming off a rousing 3-0 victory over RSG Philippines in round 1 of the playoffs but was completely shut down by a methodical Onic side. The Denver “Yeb” Miranda mentored-team came in well prepared as it slowly dissected NXPE, disrupting John Paul “H2wo” Salonga’s farm rotation while also limiting Johnwin “Hesa” Vergara in the gold lane all series long.

It was a textbook execution for Onic in Game 1 as it took control over the jungle, denying the double-marksman setup of NXPE its power spike in the late game. Onic kept the pressure all game long as Markyyy on his Claude quickly reached his power spike in the early game to give his team the edge in team fights. Onic made quick work of NXPE in Game 1 with a 17-6 triumph in just 13 minutes of play.

Markyyy continued to shine in the second game, this time on his gold lane Kimmy as he powered Onic to a 19-11 victory in the second game. NXPE showed some fight after getting their comfort heroes and with H2wo scoring some early kills on his Roger.

But Ian “Beemo” Sergio on his Rafaela provided Onic the sustain to weather the NXPE storm allowing Markyyy’s Kimmy to reach his power spike and hand Onic a commanding 2-0 advantage in the series. Beemo took the MVP honors with a 1-1-17 KDA while Markyyy put up a neat 6-0-9 score line.

There was no let up for the Coach Yeb and his wards as they proved to be a step ahead of their counter parts in Game 3. Despite Markyyy’s impressive showing, Coach Yeb subbed him out for Jaylord “Hatred” Gonzales which worked well to their favor.

Hatred on his Aldous attracted players from NXPE which allowed Kairi’s Ling to take over the jungle control. Kairi quickly snowballed and dominated NXPE as the No. 2 seed team put pressure on all lanes to end the game in just 13 minutes in a 12-6 tally.

Onic now awaits the winners of the match between the Blacklists International and Omega Esports while NXPE, which dropped to the lower bracket, will be facing the loser of that match.