S is for sushi, sandwich, and sarap!

Published October 21, 2021, 5:20 AM

by Sandy Daza

DISSECTING A SUB Holiday Turkey sandwich

With the unpredictability of lockdown rules, it has been difficult for restaurants to stay afloat. Last year, people were saying that if you survived 2020, you would have already made a profit. No one predicted that the pandemic would extend to the entire 2021. Many restaurants, including two of mine, have shut down. As business owners would say, better to cut losses than to force the issue and fall flat on your face. And yet, there were a few who gambled and opened new dining places under these dire circumstances. I salute their bravery! And some of these establishments are doing very well. The ones that I know of are Wildflour and Mamou. Congratulations!

Most restaurants have shifted to takeout. With many of us afraid to venture out, we find solace in ordering food and having them brought directly to our homes. The ones doing really well these days are the delivery guys. They’re like ants swarming the streets of Manila.

A restaurant my family and I recently discovered is Sushi Shokunin along Scout Esguerra in Quezon City. Just when we were enjoying going out again, the lockdown hit once more. So, the place closed and even having takeout became difficult. But then I saw that the Japanese restaurant had something new to offer for the entire family. It’s called the Sushi Shokunin Imperial Collection. It comes in a beautiful red tin can with a variety of sushi inside, from the Yake Shake Cream Cheese Roll, Sushi Shokunin Special, Avocado Unagi Tempura Roll to the Tuna Flakes Roll, Torched Salmon Roll, and Torched Salmon Belly Nigiri.

My family’s eyes lit up when we saw the presentation, its tiny containers of sauces included. Each piece was simply delicious. So delicious, in fact, that my kids only left me a few pieces. I enjoyed the new sushi joint so much so that I will make it a point to visit it as soon as all is safe.

READY TO SEAFOOD Sushi Shokunin Imperial Collection in a red tin can container

My kids have been craving crackers with filling. For these, I go to Unimart Grocery at Estancia Mall, Capital Commons. There, I get Ritz Crackers with a cheese filling, as well as Fita with either bacon or spicy tuna filling. Sarap!

While walking through the mall, I passed by a new sandwich place called Earl of Sandwich. I am fond of sandwiches. I would even go abroad just to grab a bite of some of the best sandwiches. Little Luca is my favorite in South San Franciso. I love Quiznos, Subway, and, of course, the Pastrami sandwiches of NYC.

The Sushi Shokunin Imperial Collection comes in a beautiful red tin can with a variety of sushi inside. My family’s eyes lit up when we saw the presentation, its tiny containers of sauces included. Each piece was simply delicious.

In the Philippines, we don’t have many good sandwich places around.

At Earl of Sandwich, the meals are wrapped in what seems like the British Flag. The bread looked really good. The filling resembled the ones I would get attracted to abroad. Wanting to eat healthy, I ordered what they called the Holiday Turkey sandwich. It had thin slices of turkey, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, and some special sauce.

LEMONADE ALL MADE Snapple drinks

The sandwich is initially open-faced, put through a conveyor oven where it is toasted. Veggies are added and the whole thing is then wrapped. It was a visual spectacle. The sandwich appeared remarkable, so I had three more orders of one of the bestsellers, The Earl’s Club. It had turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, Roma tomato, and a delicious sauce. All my kids loved it.

I do intend to go back and try each one. This is my new go-to place. I’m hoping my kids run out of Fita so I have an excuse to go to Estancia Mall.

Other sandwiches on the menu are the Tuna Melt, Full Montagu, Hawaiian BBQ, Italian, Veggie (I’m curious about this), Ham and Swiss, and All American. There’s also the Original 1762, which is roast beef with cheddar and homemade sauce.

I will definitely return. I also got excited upon learning that my favorite drink was available here, Snapple. I love this drink.

With food places still trying to stay afloat until things go back to normal, we diners have to be satisfied with takeout.

Happy eating!