Omega takes down ECHO, sets up grudge match vs rival Blacklist

Omega Esports took down ECHO, 3-1, to set up an upper bracket grudge match against rival Blacklist International in the MPL Philippines Season 8 playoffs on Thursday, October 21.

Photo from MPL Philippines

Omega made a huge Diversion play in crunch time courtesy of Patrick James "E2max" Caidic’s Lou Yi as it prevailed in the messy final clash in Game 4 to close out the series over a gallant ECHO squad.

With ECHO feeling the momentum after taking down three heroes on the side of Omega, the Hadess-led squad tried to go for a one lane push. OMG, however, managed to defend its tier 3 midlane turret and initiated a counter against the retreating ECHO. A timely Diversion from E2max’s Luo Yi allowed Omega to ambush and take out four heroes on the side of ECHO as OMG’s Luminous Lord freely marched in the top lane.

Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog starred for the MSC champions as his Mathilda pick in Games 1 and 2 and signature Khufra in Game 3 proved to be a torn to the side of ECHO. Ch4knu put up solid performances of 0-1-8 KDA and 1-1-11 on his Mathilda and an equally impressive game on Khufra with 0-3-7 KDA showing in the series ending Game 4.



Omega put on the work early in the series as it took Game 1 in a swift 8-4 victory in just 12 minutes. It made use of its aggressive line up with diving heroes in Ch4knu’s Mathilda and Dean “Raizen” Sumagui’s Hayabusa.

Ch4knu dictated the tempo for OMG as he took the MVP honors following a 100 percent kill participation in the series opener, all while shutting down the early game of Mark “Hadess” Lazaro’s jungle Granger pick.



Game 2 was an even match with ECHO taking the lead in the early game behind its double mage line-up of Pharsa and Lunox. Omega, however, turned things around after a Lord steal courtesy of Raizen’s Ling. That gave space for OMG to recover and take the lead but Hadess on his Paquito returned the favor and stole a crucial Luminous Lord from Omega’s hands.

Another huge pick off on Kelra’s Yu Zhong in the following sequences allowed ECHO to tie the series after a 13-13 triumph in Game 2.



OMG came back with a blistering performance in Game 3 as it moved to match point following a near-flawless 12-1 victory. It was a one-sided affair as Omg flexed its Hayabusa-Mathilda combination once more with Raizen shining anew with an impeccable 9-0-3 KDA on his Hayabusa.



OMG then put on the nail to the coffin in Game 4 which they won in a tight 13-13 contest.

Omega will now face Blacklist next, the team who beat them in last season's MPL Grand Finals, 4-3 when the team was still under Execration. EXE returned the favor when the two met once more in the MSC Grand Finals, defeating Blacklist 4-1.