WTFu (What the FU) by MR.FU: The adventures of two actresses

Published October 20, 2021, 6:42 AM

by Fu Mr.

All of us have done crazy things when we were younger. (o kahit naman ngayong older tayo!) Just like these two actresses who had their share of adventures before finally settling to a more mature disposition in life. (so lola na ba sila ngayon?!) Unfortunately, their stories happened while they were finishing their respective projects. Their colleagues had to sacrifice their time, effort (and even money!) just to meet the demands of these celebrities. (umaattitude?!)

*Actress 1:

A film production outfit scheduled a 2-day shooting for Actress 1 out of town. But when the actress arrived at the location, she suddenly demanded for a one-day shoot. Her reason was she had to fly back to Manila for another commitment. (raketera ang drama!) The production team had to remove some scenes just to accommodate her request. (nagchopchop ng sequences!) The actress left the area before midnight. It was like a “finished or not finished, pass your papers!” scenario. (walang makakapigil kay ate!)

Hours later, while the team was assessing the result of their shoot, they saw the actress’s social media post. She was with a controversial male personality in an intimate location. (so ibang commitment pala ang kinarir! At nagpost pa talaga agad agad!)

Clue: Her initials are also the initials of a hunk actor.

*Actress 2:

A day before her scheduled shooting, Actress 2 informed her producer that she was not feeling well and could not attend to her sequences. (naloka si produ dahil ayos na ang lahat pero wala syang magawa!)

The next day, (eto na yung napack-up na araw!) The producer received a text message from a friend saying: “Nandito yung alaga mo (actress 2), siya pala yung surprise dito sa kumpare kong ikakasal.” Apparently, the actress cancelled her shoot for her to be the “girl in the box” at a stag party. (literal na lumabas sa box! Dinaig ang affordabox!)

Clue: Her initials are also the initials of her fellow actress.

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