San Miguel’s IconiCan celebrates works of illustrator Rob Cham and National Artist Larry Alcala

Published October 20, 2021, 8:11 PM

by John Legaspi

San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s beer can become the canvas of the works of National Book Awardee and illustrator Rob Cham and the late National Artist for Visual Arts Larry Alcala.

Through its limited-edition IconiCan, the iconic Filipino beer brand celebrates Filipino creativity and heritage just in time for the holiday season.

Photo from @sanmiguelpalepilsenph on Instagram

Known for his work “Slice of Life,” “Siopawman,” and “Mang Ambo,” cartoonist Larry has always highlighted moments in Filipinos’ lives throughout his 56 years in the arts. He was able to create 500 characters and 20 comic strips that also featured Pinoy pop culture and history, which eventually earned him the Order of National Artist in 2018.

As an illustrator and comic book creator, Rob also has a knack for capturing Filipinos’ everyday existence. Through a social media post, he shared that this project got delayed because of 2020.

“[I] did some work for San Miguel Pale Pilsen a few years back, and the higher ups really liked what I did, and decided to put it on a can,” explained Rob. “[I] just want to share how the illustration I did was this huge recurring pattern where different generations of Filipinos just shared a drink together.”

“They saw that and decided to pair me with Larry Alcala (which is unreal to me how I’m on a can with Larry Alcala),” Rob continued. “Rationale was on account of how they saw how we kind of liked drawing crowds and we were different generations of komikeros.”

The limited-edition IconiCan is now available in selected stores nationwide.

Visit @sanmiguelpalepilsenph for more information.