Carlos Yulo advances to three apparatus finals in world championships

Published October 20, 2021, 9:31 PM

by Kristel Satumbaga-Villar

Carlos Yulo tops the parallel bars qualifications at the world championships. (Photo from FIG Gymnastics Twitter account)

Carlos Yulo advanced to three apparatus finals including the floor exercise where he is the defending champion in the 50th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan Wednesday night.

Yulo, who has been training in Japan for almost half a decade, first performed in vault and placed third with a score of 14.808 behind top qualifier Nazar Chepurnyi of Ukraine and South Korea’s Yang Hakseon, who tallied identical 14.833.

Performing with a 5.60 degree of difficulty, the 21-year-old Manila native scored 14.733 on his first attempt and 14.833 on his second.

He made a revelation in the parallel bars a few minutes after, where he topped the qualifications by posting 15.566.

He scored 9.166 in execution with a 6.400 degree of difficulty.

Fired up with his first two performances, Yulo displayed his flawless form in the floor exercise and ruled the qualifications with 15.166.

His execution of his routine, which has a 6.600-degree of difficulty, earned him 8.566 points.

“I want to step up my game. I didn’t want to make the same mistakes,” Yulo said in an interview with FIG Gymnastics.

He was referring to his unsuccessful campaign at the Tokyo Olympics, where he failed to advance to the floor exercise medal round.

The floor exercise final will be on Saturday, while the medal round in vault and parallel bars will be on Sunday.

While some notable gymnasts were absent in the worlds, Yulo still has his hands full in the floor exercise lineup composed of Italy’s Nicola Bartolini (14.966), Japan’s Minami Kazuki (14.966), Kazakhstan’s Milad Karimi (14.941), Japan’s Daiki Hashimoto (14.733), Korea’s Ryu Sunghyun (14.600), Great Britain’s Hayden Skinner (14.566) and Finland’s Emil Soravuo (14.533).

Vault qualifiers aside from Yulo, Chepurnyi and Yang are Japan’s Hidenobu Yonekura (14.783), Israel’s Andrey Medvedev (14.716), Italy’s Thomas Grasso (14.599), Great Britain’s Courtney Tulloch (14.566) and Canada’s William Emard (14.533).

Joining Yulo in the parallel bars finals are China’s Zhang Boheng (15.300) and Hu Xuwei (15.233), Japan’s Daiki Hashimoto (15.200), United States’ Yul Moldauer (14.866), Switzerland’s Christian Baumann (14.841), Japan’s Kazuma Kaya (14.833) and Brazil’s Caio Souza (14.800).